FP3+ bricked or sudden death? :(

Hello Fairphone community,

I have a Fairphone 3+ that I have had a little over 3 years that seems to be ‘bricked’, i.e. is completely unresponsive, no screen coming up, no little charging light, and inability to reboot/kickstart. This happened this morning when the phone was off and in my pocket and after a night of fully charging.

The phone has had no changes to operating systems and nothing savvy done beyond downloads from the app store. Hardware wise I replaced the bottom module with a new one about 3-4 months ago to fix the charging port and this repair worked completely fine.

Any advice on repairs would be much appreciated!

Thanks so much!


Hi and welcome to the community.

As you say there is no charging LED this doesnt sound good to me and rather like a sudden death.

We have several reports in the forum, 2 examples

For sure it never hurts to start with dissasemling and cleaning of contacts with isopropanol


My FP3+ died, no led, after taking it apart and reassemblong…
I made a post about it.

this one is dead already and that such happens is more than rare in my eyes, so I would still say, never hurts😉

If lead free solder was used, you have to heat up the oven at least to 220°C (melting point).

Yes “if”… Dont tell me tell those in the thread sharing experience, who I would believe for the time being as they confirmed its working.