FP3 blinks red fast, doesn't charge (in Costa Rica)

To “normal” Computer etc shops sell them or would I probably have to order one (I will try buy one anyway but what are the chances?)?

What should I use to Clean it?

I guess it would depend on how many phones with removable batteries are around in the region. If almost all batteries aren’t removable, there would be no point for a shop to keep something like this in stock.

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The USB port ?

  • get a magnifying glass and use a small piece of wire, or a needle and be careful
  • You can dismantle the bottom module to effect a better clean.
  • you can use alcohol to clean out oily grime, best use 60% or more, Isopropyl Alcohol is sold for such at 90% +

Ideally if carry out any of the recommended options relay what you have done else everything may be repeated.

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Hello guys, it’s me from a different account now. I’ve left my fairphone for several months now and i finally want to fix it now. The Last update from April: it did not charge properly, smelled like smoke once and when trying to charge, blinks red rapidly. Havent touched it because didnt want to make anything worse. Now I’m in Germany so I’m able to order new modules or whatever.

Question for those who maybe have read my problem: am I supposed to try charge it for hours or am I better off buying a new charging (bottom ?) module ? Or have you got other suggestions?

Thanks for your help

Check your battery if it is swollen. If yes, stop using it immediately.

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