FP3 battery wanted

I am the owner of a FP3+, I live in Australia, I know the company does not ship to Australia, is there a reseller that will two batteries to Australia?

You may have a look e.g. here:

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Not much use but clove.co.uk who ship internationally (FP3) etc will not ship batteries.

The problem is, that solitary LiIon-batteries are considered hazardous goods by (air)fright-companies.
Most likely they fear something like the exploding batteries, that once happened with Samsung phones.
If you happen to know someone who will travel to Australia, this person could bring some batteries. Within Australia further shipping should not be any problem.

You could post a request here in this forum as well for example.

I have purchased phone batteries and camera batteries via eBay from Germany, Hong Kong and China & sent to Australia.

Yes it is possible. The seller should have a special license to do so as generally it is not permitted. Clove, who I spoke to today, said they had previously sent batteries but sometimes they were destroyed by the ‘carrier’ or customs before reaching their destination.

Very often batteries that are sold on ebay and from Hong Kong etc. are already imported to the host country in bulk, with license aboard a ship, and then distributed via a local warehouse.

From the local warehouse ebay and Alibaba etc can sell batteries from Hong Kong.

If you do so again look at the courier note it probably will have a national sender.

There might be sellers, that do not follow the regulations and don’t mark the parcel accordingly. They will be in trouble though, should anything bad happen on the way.

Buying batteries from Alibaba or the like or from unknown sellers, might be a bit risky, as those batteries could be low-quality (“fake”) ones, that are not made to measure up to safety standards, e.g. lacking safety circuits preventing overheating.

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