Fairphones in Australia 🇦🇺

Hi Bert,

I’m not sure about batteries on their own. But we’ve ordered new phones that come with the battery and haven’t had any problems.

I’m pretty sure I got a free membership, not sure if that’s still available.

Yes it does cost a bit too forward it on so you’d have to consider of your and and willing to afford that when needed.

It’s always helpful if you know others with Fairphone and can share the costs.


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Hi Deanna,
Did the folks at FP ever explain why they do not distribute in Australia?

Hi Gareth,

Ummm I’m not sure. I think their long term plan is international distribution but they really are still a young business and I guess it’s hard to break into those markets? Not really sure sorry.

Randomly a friend just bought a FP3+ but now doesn’t need it (for reasons not worth explaining here!!) If you’d like to buy off her let me know and we’ll work out how to get in touch.



From what I read (or maybe interpreted), there are at least two reasons:

  • Selling overseas requires meeting the local standards and (legal) regulations. Getting the certificates usually takes time and costs a relevant amount of money.
  • Selling overseas requires meeting the legal rules for after-sales service as well. I doubt, that a company located in the Netherlands / EU can do so by servicing the customers in Australia or the USA or Canada etc. from Europe. They will have to provide a local network / dealer to provide support and take care of warranty.

Both issues require workforce as well as lots of money.
Add to this the fact, that they are still developing the product as such. Every phone so far has been an improvement solving the issues and troubles discovered by the previous model.
Now, with the FP3(+), they - for the first time - introduced the phone like all the other phone manufacturers are doing, with a big media event press conference and life streaming.
If this phone is really successful and starts earning them good money, they might start aiming for other markets. My bet would be the North-American-market first.


Hi Deanna, I’m interested if your friend still needs to sell hers :blush:

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I’m new to this Forum but appreciate the advice your members gave me to try Vireo.de as a European agent to supply the Fairphone 3+.

Vireo was excellent. They supplied the first phone in a very efficient manner and organised a replacement under warranty when it had a failure.
The replacement has worked well and I particularly appreciate the large screen and virtual keyboard which are the best I’ve used on a mobile phone. Ideal for people like me with poor vision and large fingers. I purchased it because of its FairTrade credentials and because my 15-year-old brick phone didn’t allow me to use the Government Covid safe sign in. The Fairphone can use the sign in App with no problem. I was also delighted that it manages a high-speed multichannel BLE network that I set up with no problems at all.

Many thanks to Fairphone, Carlota from Vireo and this forum.



Have smashed my screen ( in Melb here) and scratching my head about what to do now. Any chance you still have this?

Which Fairphone do you have?

I also want a fairphone, but as previous post mentioned

People say you can order from this site

use google translate

Hi Lidwien, I have FP3.

Thanks, will try google translate.

Hi guys,

Got my Fairphone 4 from Clove Technology in the UK.
Works like a charm. (VIC)

If Clove can mail it out to AUS, not sure why there is no small scale distributor here in Aus.
I would be keen to sign up and distribute in my state tbh!

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Hi and welcome to the forum.

It is presumably too complex and expensive to set up a reseller outside the EU given the various transport, warranty and product regulations. So that is handed over to ‘EU’ based resellers that can deal with the more complex international trade regulations.

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I’m sure like so many. I’d love to see these issues overcome. I am really interested in the earbuds…


I purchased my FairPhone 4 from Vireo, it arrived in Feb.

It is being used in Brisbane on the Optus network (Amaysim) and works perfectly except for MMS.

Any inbound MMS message shows up in Messages as downloading - but never actually downloads. Any outbound MMS message says it is sending - but never actually sends.

I have tried lots of things with Amaysim support without luck.

I was wondering if anyone else had come across this issue with a Fairphone previously?

Thanks for your help.

Hi Kelvin,

I was wondering which network you have been using your Fairphone 4 on in Vic?

I am in Brisbane and having trouble on the optus network.

Thanks for your help,

Have you checked the APN settings for MMS are correctly set up?

Else here a discussion around the same issue maybe it helps somehow in case you used your SIM in an IPhone before

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Thanks so much - the issue you linked from rozcopta is exactly my issue. Yay - at least its not just me :slight_smile:

We have messed around heaps with the APNs as directed by the provider and they have said that they have reset their network database.

The provider also directed that we swap SIMs. Both SIMs could send/receive MMS when in my phone and neither SIM could send/receive MMS when in the FairPhone 4 (both SIMS are from the same provider). I don’t think either SIM has ever been used in an iPhone. Maybe a new SIM will help - but it seems like a long shot.

I noted that rozcopta tried a different provider with success - so that seems to point towards a specific Provider/Network with Fairphone4 compatibility issue.

I guess my next test is to try the Fairphone4 on a Telstra network :frowning:

fingers crossed a provider change will do the trick, so cool to see Fairphones work in Australia, gives me hope my FP3 will work in New Zealand when I visit my brother :wink:

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I’m using Optus with a Fairphone 4, and I’m also having problems getting it to send or receive MMS.
Even the Optus employees couldn’t get it to work, after playing around with APN settings and such.