FP3(+) backside angular stripes: Are they important? If yes, how to repair/replace?

What are the angular stripe patterns on the backside of the FP3(+) for?
You can see them when you remove the backside cover.
Are those maybe antennas?

Some parts of those stripes are worn off on my FP3.
Can this cause technical problems?
If yes, if there a way to fix this or a replacement part?
Maybe a special coating / lacquer with which they can be repainted?


Could be antennas or a ground conductor plain. :thinking:

Do have problems with low signal strength in phone or WiFi networks ? Or blue tooth ? Or NFC ?

Here’s something interesting …


Please check:

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I asked a friend who is an expert. He thinks that those are combined antennas for phone, WiFi and bluetooth. However, a repair with conductive paint will probably not work as you need to match layout and impedance exactly for the antennas to work properly. On the other hand, if it doesn’t work you don’t have anything to lose :smirk:

So if you experience problems you may need a new module - which shouldn’t be a problem with a Fairphone :smirk:

Could you share which conductive paint that was and where to buy it? Thanks :slight_smile:


I currently use that FP3+ only for ROM image testing. So I’ve got no SIM card in that phone and I didn’t use Bluetooth or NFC. But WLAN / WiFi seems to work fine.


Unfortunately I couldn’t find that replacement part in the official store.
But I’d guess one can be found at eBay.

Blockquote Could you share which conductive paint that was and where to buy it? Thanks :slight_smile:

Hate to say it was on amazon, called liquiwire, but there are a lot of different other products. If you are in big town, most serious electronic shop should have similar product to fixed damaged PCB.
It is like ink, so i had to put several thin layer and let it dry in between. Be very careful not to short circuit existing strip, respecting as much as you can original pattern, and remove battery while doing it in case!
I saw it exist also other silver base paste.
Did it a week ago, so far so good, but not sure how it will evolve with time.
If you are in france DM me, i got 50 ml, enough to paint 100s of FPs and probably wont use it anymore.