Fixing Weak signal fairphone 3

Just to share an experience on fairphone 3, that had with time weaker and weaker reception. Ended up obliged to leave phone outside even in major cities, remembered me early mobile phone network…
I found out the pattern of the antenna at the back (upper right) was damaged and cut in several places. I managed to fixed it using a conductive paint, not sure how long time it will last but I am now back with normal reception.
Purist will argue i did not probably did not matched excalty the impedance of the antenn with approximative pattern, however it works quite well.
Hope this can help anyone with similar situation.


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Do you have another phone or camera to post a picture of how it looks now?

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Original antenna can easily be found on the net, here is my quick fix.

Could be better, and i ll probably apply varnish at some point, as i suspect friction from cover and antenna caused the damaged.
The electric resistance is not perfect, on a test surface i did separatly, probably around 10 ohm on the longest lenght even though i applied several layers, but better than nothing anyway, i did not found a good back part for replacement. Will keep you updated on how it last with time.


Interesting, thanks :+1: .