FP3 - auto-rotation not working

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i bought my new FP3 a week ago … and the auto-rotation never worked how intended.
sometimes it rotates when i unlock it when holding in horizontal direction … but then is stucked.
normally it is stuck in portrait-mode… same with camera-app.

anyone has an idea what i can do?
until now the only negative effect i found … as this is my first fairphone…


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Maybe your gravity sensor (accelerometer) is broken. Install a sensor app, go into “Accelerometer” and look if the values change when you tilt the phone.

thanks for the tips,… gonna tell you my win-win-story :wink:

ok, just installed this recommended app … and tried all sub-tools,
accelerometer shows nothing,
gyroscope shows nothing, …
only LIGHT shows smthng, 39,0 lux - but never changes (not in dark room, not by changing screen brightness) … only here the “+”-button in the app works… ;/

not that happy with that outcome… and thought maybe this app is broken, so i downloaded
sensors multitool from wered software
and sensoren werkzeugkasten from exa tools
both showed the same as the first app - nothing.

so i rebooted my fairphone 3, et voila, it ‘suddenly’ works…
android seems more and more like windows … :wink:

thanks for your help !

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Speaking from my personal Windows Phone 8.1 and Windows 10 Mobile experience … that statement is actually an insult to Windows in a smartphone stability and predictability context … Android was and is nowhere near, but customers obviously had other priorities, some of which I share, now being on Android myself :wink: .

i know windows from 3.1 … ;D

On desktop, yes, me too … A whole different matter on smartphones, though :wink: .

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I encounterd the same issue with the Fair Phone 3. The screen rotation suddenly stops working and after a reboot it works again. However after a certain period it stops working again and I have to reboot the phone again so the problem goes away.

Did you managed to solve this problem or do you still encounter it on your FP3?

cant answer that now…
last time i had problems with rotating i rotated every app until the fairphone3 rebooted … (by itself)

I’ve had this issue once so far, but usually it works fine. So it was probably not a hardware problem, and an app “messed up” the system. Worked again after rebooting.

The panorama mode of the standard camera app (to combine several pictures into a wide one) only seems to work in vertical / portrait mode. You can also try Open Camera or other apps (which shows the angle in which you hold the phone, which should also indicate the sensor is working).

Also happened with other phones I’ve had before.

I’ve also had this issue and the gyro stays miscalibrated, so when I go back to portrait it switches to landscape. Restarting cures it, but it’s happened a few times already.

My auto-rotation has stopped working. The “Sensors” app shows me, that the accelerator’s z-axis is stuck on -78,47. I tried restarting the phone, recalibrating with several apps, removing the battery for a few minutes and turned the auto-rotate-setting on and off serveral times, of course. Any idea, what else I could do to fix this?