FP3+ apps crashing


I was running LO17 for close to half a year, when earlier this week apps like Spotify, Whatsapp, F-Droid suddenly crashed. That is I couldn’t open them anymore. Firefox worked.

This happened about 3 days after an update, so I thought it was related to this.

Now I just upgraded to LO18.1. After the upgrade everything seemed to work. However, after a few minutes, the same problem came back. I believe the issue started after I connected to my home network, but that may have been a coincident.

I can’t install any log app, since F-Droid isn’t working. I don’t have gapps on the phone.

How can I address this issue? Did anyone have similar problems?

Many thanks!

Hi and welcome to the forum.

I don’t use Lineage but if you have an SD card formatted as internal it is know to be related to many similar problems. ?


Thanks heaps!

I have indeed formatted the SD card as internal storage and am in the process of reversing it.

I have moved all the apps, however there’s still 1.8GB on the card. I’m really only worried about the pictures on the phone. Is there a way to figure out whether they are stored internally or externally?

Thanks again

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Can you create a Temp ‘MyPics’ folder on the main memory and transfer the pictures to that then delete then from the ‘card’ just try one to see if the one in ‘Temp’ holds.

Failing that can you upload to a site.

Yes don’t rush it :slight_smile:

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What I’m thinking is to ensure the pictures are not on the SD card before you remove it.

You can remove it first before formatting to see if you have transferred them successfully.

I don’t know about formatting but my SD card was formatted years ago on a Windows PC so I inserted it preloaded with Music/Videos/Images and Docs etc. I’ve transferred it form phone to phone over the years and obviously added to it.

In theory it could be formatted in the phone, but if the phone works once it’s out my risk it?

Another thing is that if you remove the SD without formatting before or after then you can insert it and in theory be back to where you are/were.

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So, we fixed it! Thanks to both of you.

I backup-ed all data that was dear to me to my laptop and then formated the SD card using the app.

Since then, no issues. Also some other small problems I had before (e.g. emails not syncing automatically, rare and random restarts) so far are all gone. The phone overall seems to work much better.



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