FP3+ appears on adb, but not in the explorer on Windows 10

I’m trying to connect my FP3+ with /e/ to my Windows 10 computer to reset it to Fairphone OS. I followed the instructions given here (Connect your FP3/FP3+ to a computer). Still, it is recognised by adb, but does not show up in the explorer. I did choose “file transfer mode”.

As described here (Install Fairphone OS on FP3/FP3+ (Windows)), I installed the latest Google drivers, which are a .msi file. The linked installation instructions by Google/Android don’t work though, because they don’t describe an installation with .msi files but rather with OEM drivers you can download from the bottom of the page, where Fairphone isn’t included. In computer management\devices, there is just “Other devices -> unknown device”.

On the other hand, on the task bar, when I click the arrow up and click on “remove usb devices”, there is a device called “FP3” displayed.

So, how do I fix this? Or is this not even broken and an adb connection is enough to install FairphoneOS? Sidenote: I can connect the phone and access it through the “explorer” in Linux Mint 20.

(Fixed a broken link in your post.)

Make sure you follow the steps from here …

After that it continues with the Windows 10 part you linked to (if you choose so).
It’s good that ADB seems to work for you, this shows that the ADB/Fastboot tandem should work. For the installation Fastboot does the main part though, so you don’t have to worry about ADB or the Explorer right now.


Okay thank you, the installation worked without the phone being display in the explorer.

Still, even with FairphoneOS the device does not appear in the Windows Explorer.

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