FP3 Android 13 not possible to enter OEM unlocking code

these instructions are going well til the point “Enter the code” after OEM enabling. There comes no window for code input (yes the phone is online!) and therefore I cannot boot in the bootloader.

What now?

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Is “OEM unlocking” enabled now regardless perhaps?
Else I can’t say much other than contactsupport or wait for anybody in the know, since I switched to a different OS early when it wasn’t this complicated yet.

Technically, you can always boot into fastboot mode = bootloader (by keeping Vol - pressed when starting or rebooting the phone).
But without the “OEM unlocking” switch being enabled successfully, the procedure left to do in this mode to unlock the bootloader can’t be done (will abort due to not being allowed).

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I created a new topic for you, to not mix this with the fingerprint issue.


Yes, OEM unlocking is enabled

No, Vol- isn’t working too…

In this case you should be fine to continue with the next step of the instructions (enabling USB debugging should be next).

It most certainly should work unless the button is defunct.
The instructions will get to that in due time, with USB debugging enabled there is an alternative way to get into fastboot mode.


USB debugging is enabled the whole time but how to solve the missing window "“Enter the code”?

OEM Unlocking or USB debugging is enabled?

Yes, both is enabled

The aim of the exercise with the code is to get this OEM unlocking switch enabled.
If it is enabled, you are set to continue, I would think.


Someone else mentioned not needing a code to go on on A13:

So as suggested, just follow the next steps.


Next step should be setting the fastboot mode

  1. Vol- doesn’t work - it does nothing

so I try ADB

It worked to get into boatloader but DEVICE STATE - locked

And now?

you proceed with the instructions to unlock it.

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and OEM-Unlocking ist still shown as activated…

just follow the instructions step by step till the end. OEM unlocking is not their to unlock and only to allow to unlock.


The OEM Unlocking switch allows the unlocking process (if enabled).
You have to do the actual unlocking steps in fastboot mode.


As the others said, you successfully arrived at step 3. of Part 2 of the guide yo unlovk the bootloader. Just follow the rest of the instructions from the bootloader.

Step 4 result:

FAILED (remote: ‘oem unlock is not allowed’)
fastboot: error: Command failed

Ok, with OEM unlocking enabled this is officially odd.

Safe route: Contact support (forum consensus is to call them for a chance to get results quickly) … https://support.fairphone.com/hc/en-us

Adventurous route: Fairphone 3 unlocking without oem unlocking
(if this still works, last mention of it working I found was end of August 2022)

I would recommend the safe route first.

I contacted support on July, 28th. No answer til now. What is the usual response time?

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For sure more than two working days :wink: