FP3+, abandon Android 13 and return to Android 11

Hello, I have FP3+, I had Android 11 installed, I updated to Android 13. I lost the biometric unlock in some important Apps, I’m sure it’s hopeless, I want to go back to Android 11,

How can I get Android 11 installed again?

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Manual installation is still available for Android 11 (as well as 10 or 9) …


But if you do you will not get security updates :thinking:


Let’s wait and see, at least the July (ore June ?) update was already there for Android 11.


I did this successfully. Two comments: I didn’t need an unlock code, I was able to do the OEM unlock without it; fastboot didn’t work because Windows installed the driver for file access, it was quite a battle (thanks MS) to then install the Android driver. The actual install once unlocked was a breeze.

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