FP3(+) Android 13 Fingerprint Sensor Workaround with Keepass2Android?

I am not an technical expert, but I was wondering if anyone can verify my idea and/or who would give a who would support this:

In order to login with the fingerprint sensor on Android 13 it might be possible to reach out to the owner of Keepass2Android (an independent developer from Germany, Philipp Corcoll, https://philipp.crocoll.net/) to develop a workaround for Fairphone 3 users.

I would be willing to donate some money if necessary in order to make this work on Android 13.

I am aware that the fingerprint is not working because of security requirements, but maybe it is possible to lower the requirements (a tiny little bit) by Philipp so that it is possible to use it again.

Again, I am not a technical expert so feel free to stop me right away in case this is complete nonsense.

I don’t know, a password manager to me is among the top priorities to keep secure. “Hacking” an app to weaken the security for some more convenience sounds like a very bad idea to me.

Sure, the hardware was the same running with A12 and back then it was seen a strong enough. But that’s the nature of security, once you gain new insights you need to act before others will.


Just to mention … an already existing workaround is to use LineageOS instead of Fairphone OS (even if perhaps undesirable, a workaround is a workaround).
LineageOS isn’t Google certified and took the resulting liberty to not adopt Google’s change regarding the fingerprint scanner.


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