FP3: Android 12 ? or maybe Fairphone Open OS?

Hellow everyone,

First i want to say congrats to all the people working on making a 7 years up to date phone ! You are actually challenging with Apple, at my opinion you should do more communication about that.

So I was wondering if it’s plain to have Android 12 for the FP3, and I was wondering why we don’t have Faitephone Open OS for the FP3 ? I have already try e/ OS and Ubuntu Touch, and both have stability or mobile fournisseur issues.


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If you search you will find info on such :slight_smile: Searching takes time . . . and effort . . .
Will see if I can find some links, but A12 almost definitely

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Both your appreciation and questions would be best directed at Fairphone (here this is a users’ community place but thanks for posting your thoughts here too!)

The rapid answer about software is just that maintaining OS involves a lot of work, not just coding but testing too. And will inevitably widen the breadth of support issues too. And Fairphone is a small company doing great things already, as you say yourself!

As to the stability and carrier issues related to /e/ on FP3 would you be able to disclose some more details? The carrier and the issue(s)? I’m interested as looking to move to /e/ at some time (I already have it on a FP2).

Maybe have a look at Iode OS for the time being its on Android 12 (at least beta) and for me is quite stabile.

If you want something like the Fairphone Open OS that existed for the FP2 then maybe this topic is for you

From what I understood this is kind of a Open OS for the FP3, but there are no downloadable images. Which means you would have to build them yourself. Or trust somebody else to do that and use their image.


Hey, about e/os the last version, with A11(call R on the e documentation), is not described at stable yet on the FP3, the app store (from e foundation) was crashing all the time and some other minor issues. They are, of course working on making it stable. And it’s introduce about this custom ROM thing, actually Lineage OS provide A11 for the FP2 (Info about FP2 | LineageOS Wiki) and A12 for FP3 (Info about FP3 | LineageOS Wiki) but i dont know about stability. My opinion is, that the company have A12 version of Fairphone OS for FP3, but what is tricky is to make it stable, again my opinion.
What do you think of this ?

Hey, i don’t understand what you mean by “but A12 almost definitely” ?

Yes it’s good to see Lineage A12 available for the FP3.
Also as mentioned above, have a look at IodéOS which is a fork and has a number of enthusiasts around here …

As to FPOS A12 personally I think we’re likely to see it for the FP3 (on the basis of past history, after all the FP2 has FPOS A10 which is pretty impressive).

Yeah about IodéOS, look nice… very nice. I’m gonna try !

I mean there is little doubt in my mind that Android 12 will be released for the FP3 and I’m pretty sure A13 will be too.

The FP2 went from A5 to A10 so no reason not to expect an A14 for the FP3 :slight_smile:


Hey everyone, so i have try two things with my Fairphone 3

-Lineage OS 19.1 (A12), but not with micro g or the google android package, so the UI was awesome (specially removing the bottom bar for gestuire) and using F-Droid with Aurora Store work nice, but you cannot use Google App (youtube agenda etc) and the GPS was not working.

-So i switched for Iodé OS (i follow the tutotial of Lineage OS but with the package of Iodé) and now the GPS work but its till A11.

See you on the forum

You can switch to beta that is already A12 and so far very stable. Instead of YT try NewPipe from F-Droid Store

OKey thanks, but when i try to install the UpdaterBetaIode3Vx.apk i got an error message that says " An error has been encounter during the package analysis"…

You have to install 2. version to switch from 2 to 3

  • UpdaterBetaIode2Vx.apk : to test beta updates of iodé 2.x (Android 11) and switch to iodé 3.x (Android 12) when available
  • UpdaterBetaIode3Vx.apk : to test beta updates of iodé 3.x (Android 12)

And when you already did the above

To uninstall a previous version of the updater, if the new one cannot be installed, go to App info of the updater (long press on its icon), three dots menu top right , “Uninstall updates” ; or adb uninstall org.lineageos.updater.

Okey thx, but now i have the same problem for the GPS, when i peut on internet connection my localisation is correct, but when i turn internet off, doesnt work properly.

Any idée why ?

What does not properly working mean exactly? You can download the App GPS test to see what it shows

Which navigation app do you use, the preinstalled or e.g. OSMAnd?

Nop the problem is with all navigation app:native of iodé, Waze, and Organic Maps, even when i try with a GPS Test is the same situation:
-When i have both Wifi connection and gps its work
-And when i have only the GPS it’s give a bad location but its always the same on all app.

NB: SInce i’m actually not in my county i’m always on plain mode and cannut use 4G.

Thanks for you time

Not sure what is not working. Does is not find a fix at all or does it just take long? In the location settings do you have the Wifi and BT Option enabled? What about your MicroG settings are all location Moduls enabled?

Also check

I don’t think you mean the actual GPS location service, but rather location services based on Wi-Fi databases and cell tower databases.
If you open the microG settings, under Location Modules you will find various location services such as Apple Wi-Fi, Déjà Vu Location Service, Mozilla Location Service and Radiocells.org Unified Network Location Provider Backend.
If you have also activated the corresponding settings under SettingsLocationWi-Fi and Bluetooth scanning you should get your location much faster than with GPS only. But - AFAIK - for that, your WiFi (and probably Bluetooth) has to be activated too. At least for WiFi and Bluetooth based location services.

To check whether your “real” GPS is working or not, you could use an app such as GPS Cockpit which you can find on F-Droid.
There you can see all the satellites your phone has a connection to.

According to the explantion in the settings no, it does not need to be turned on.

Otherwise thanks for elaborating what I wrote above😉