FP3 A.0120, Android9 OS update, security patchlevel April 5th, 2020

I received a new update. I am surprised it says patch of April.


Received the update this morning too :slight_smile:

It seems earlier than normal for the monthly security updates, so I’d guess it’s fixing something else

Security patches of april 5th were already included in update FP3 A.118
But as user arminzi wrote here, he recieved this update with a Vodafone-SIM.
Can someone confirm this?
It’s probably the long awaited Vodafone-certified update :slight_smile:


I added the OTA url to the wiki post, interestingly on my phone it says Update size: 69.5 MB (for the update from 118 to 120).

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Vodafone customers who did not get the previous updates – do you get message notifications through the LED now?

I had already received the FP3 A.118 and my provider is Orange Belgium.

the same for me (upc in switzerland).
but all vodafone users (at least in germany) never received an update since dec. '19 or jan. '20.
but now it seems that this update is finally available for vodafone-users too :slight_smile:

apparently there is another FP3 A.0120 Android9 OS update, but still with security patchlevel of April 5th…

maybe just a relnotes error?

size: 72.48 MB

this security update includes:
security patchlevel: 5th april, 2020

being the only line of information shown.

After a successfull reboot, the system shows, its Build Number: 8901.2.A.0120.20200421 so buid date of april 21th 2020, kernel version 4.9.112 built on that same date.

I am getting it too - before that I was on A.0118 with a Telekom.de SIM.

Hallo, das ist endlich das Update für Vodafone-Kunden, welches wir so lange vermisst hatten…

Es ist das langersehnte Update für Vodafone Kunden. Dank dem Fairphone Angel AMBER , der erst seit KURZEM das FP3 hat und bei Vodafone Arbeitet und ich ihn kenne hat es endlich geklappt

Mine is no-brand and I received it this morning. I think it solves a serious bug on the WIFI connection, that continued to disconnect and then reconnect. Now it is ok.


No releasenotes error, but for customers not on Vodafone network an upgrade from security patchlevel: 5th april, 2020 to 5th april, 2020, while for customers on Vodafone network an upgrade from January to recent version. It seems, everybody gets the update.

As far as I understood before, this update is relevant only for Vodafone customers, while I’m happy to hear that suddenly also a serious wifi bug seems to be fixed. Maybe Fairphone added some bugfix in this update too. :slight_smile:


As a UK Vodafone customer, I can confirm that this is the first time that my FP3 showed me an update automatically (without me having to change the sim card to “trick” the Vodfafone network).

The last update I did before this one, which was the one with the April patch (using a different sim card), fixed the serious WiFi bug that I had, which is potentially the same as the one @Ayn refers to. So perhaps this update was indeed just to catch up all the Vodafone customers?


Hmm, my WiFi was fine until the update a few days ago, but now it’s constantly reconnecting.

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German Vodafone customer here and did receive the update A.0120 as well few days ago. Can someone explain how or why it is, that vodafone customers could not receive the previous updates? Wouldn’t the Fairphone connect to the update servers independently of the service-provider via wifi?

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