FP2 with EAP SIM network, Specifically Swisscom

Is anyone using an FP2 on an EAP SIM network? My SIM (Swissom) connected to the Swisscom public WIFI EAP SIM network with no problems in my previous phone but not from my FP2, The configuration is correct according to Swisscom:
EAP Method SIM,
Sim Card - Swisscom

But the phone is stuck on ‘Connecting…’ when i select Swisscoms public EAP SIM SSID. Swisscom support thought it might be the dual sim causing problems. I disabled sim2 but still no joy. A bit annoying as Swisscom sell the FP2.

So, you are talking about Wifi connection only, right? As I’m not living in Switzerland I don’t have an idea what exactly means “EAP SIM SSID”. Is this a specific method of authentication which may require a proprietary codebase from Swisscom or a specific app for devices which do not have this code? How can laptops connect, in case? Which are the exact procedures and credentials to connect for the laptop - can’t you use the same?

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Yes, sorry this is WIFI, EAPSIM networks use the sim itself for authentication so no username or password hence I can’t connect from another device. In android its an option in the network settings to select SIM for authentication then in the FP2 it asks for the sim card to authenticate with.

There shouldn’t be a need for an app to make the connection, my previous phone (windows mobile dual sim) connected and friends iPhones connect without any extra support, I’ve yet to try a non dual sim android phone. Happy to try an app to make the connection if there is one though, swisscom have an app to configure the phone for an automatic connection but that didn’t work either.


Update: I just tried this on a friends Nexus 6P and it connected immediately so it looks like this is FP2 specific.


Perhaps this page will help you pwlan.

Thanks, no already been through that page, downloaded the app and tried it. It wants to set you up with PWLAN access through your regular swisscom account username and password, but for EAPSIM you dont have a username and password.

Benutze die App EasyLogin von Swisscom, die macht das moglich.
Einrichtung von Swisscom_Auto_Login auf dem Android-Gerät

1.) Einstellungen -> WLAN

2.) WLAN aktivieren

3.) (+)-Knopf “WLAN hinzufügen” betätigen.

4.) Netz-SSID: Swisscom_Auto_Login
Sicherheit: 802.1x EAP
EAP-Methode: SIM
5.) Knopf “Verbinden” betätigen.

6.) Zum nächsten öffentlichen WLAN-Hotspot der Swisscom gehen und das neu eingerichtete WLAN testen.


Yes I’ve done all that thanks, and raised a case with swisscom support and visted a swisscom shop to let them check the settings. Today I tried my FP1 with the swisscom sim and it connected with no problem.


Today I connected to one of Deutsche Telekom’s EAP-SIM hotspots with my FP2 (FPOS 17.10.2). Worked instantly without any issues. I use dual SIMs, the Deutsche Telekom SIM is SIM 1.
So it looks like the problem is Swisscom specific.

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ooooo, thats interesting, thanks!

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