✏ FP2 wishlist vs reality

Sorry, I didn’t think of that part of the wish.

I don’t know whether that is enough. In practice FP1 also has the Fairphone logo on the top left and the buttons on the bottom. That should be much more obvious than the front facing camera. I think it’s more about whether you can feel a difference the moment you pick it up.

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You have a point. I was just guessing, that the front camera would be recognizable even in the dark, whereas the FP1 looks the same on top and bottom in the dark. I replaced the check with a question mark and let the future decide on that point.

@ben How is that:

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I would have chosen

But you really want to include that 82% right? :wink: Ok fine then! :stuck_out_tongue:


Hey you started that poll yourself so now you have to live with the results! :stuck_out_tongue: :wink:


I wouldn’t say they have gone further than the community wished. A bigger phone is not necessary “going further” than the 4,48 average which was (averagely) preferred. I noticed a lot of complains about the phone being too big, but the way you present it, it sounds like “bigger is always better” :smile:

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That’s the last thing I wanted to do. Do you think “overshoot” fits better than “going further”? (that’s how dict.cc’s translation for “Über’s Ziel hinausschießen” which is the german phrase I was thinking about.)

PS: The :ballot_box_with_check: symbols are not counted as “fulfilled wishes” in the stats, but I think it would be a bit harsh to count them as “unfulfilled wishes”.
If you look at the poll the announced screen size is between options 3 and 4 and option 3 is the second-most chosen option, so it’s not like the FP2 has a size that nobody wished for.

would still count this one as not fulfilled. Or at least as half a point :smile:

I don’t really know. Wouldn’t a “neutral” symbol be better? It’s not something “we” asked not to do, but it’s also not the thing we did ask for.
Since my German is a bit rusty (to put it mildly), I’m not going to try and give an other translation of “Über’s Ziel hinausschießen” :wink:

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Somethink along the lines of “over-achieving”?

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I think that describes it pretty well.

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I changed it to:

I think over-achieving could be conceived as to positive as well. (Not that I think a bigger screen is such a negative thing either.)

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Wish: According to a poll 82% of us don’t want GAPPS preinstalled (being able to install a fully Google-free OS afterwards probably works too)Announcement: ( )

I am trying to understand your figures.

When you say this are you referring to that poll: Poll: Should the Google Apps come preinstalled with the Fairphone?

If so it would be more correct to state that 62 people in this forum dont want Google apps. That gives a better idea of the importance of the opposition against Google Apps.

I still think the “silent majority” would prefer to have a phone with Google apps. So be fair and put 62 people and not 82% of us.

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You’re a bit late, I already erased that part.
I know that polls on this forum are not very representative, but saying but I’m sure 82% comes much closer to the reality than 62 people (out of everybody on the forum? the 60.000 FP1 users?).

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OK, sorry about that.

I just added this to the list:

What do you guys think? (link to original topic)

How are you going to use your FP as a phone if you remove the mic?


Haha, good point. Sometimes I forget the original function of a smartphone.

Anyway, Google Services will most likely cry foul and move you to the boot loop infinity lane. :stuck_out_tongue:

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About the fair materials I look around for some news:

source: zdnet.com:

Like its predecessor, the Fairphone 2 will use conflict-free tin and
tantalum from the Democratic Republic of Congo. The company is also
working to get fairly-traded gold and tungsten into the second
generation device, a move that’s been made possible thanks to having
greater control over its own supply chain. As the device is Fairphone’s
own design, it’s been able to choose which suppliers it works with -
such as AT&S, an Austrian PCB maker which will be using not only
fairly-traded gold where possible for its Fairphone components but also
what the startup describes as a “very high percentage” of recycled

source: fairphone.com (March 2015):

We have a few months still until production, but at this
point it is still uncertain that we will be able to integrate fair trade
gold into the second generation Fairphone.
This is due to the fact that it seems almost impossible to import
fair trade gold through the Shanghai Gold Exchange and subsequently be
able to trace it through the SGE all the way up to the component
manufacturer. We are positive, however, about this path as we are in
talks with some driven and highly professional component manufacturers
(which we will introduce at a later stage) who are putting their efforts
into this cause.
In the meantime, we have started mapping the components
in our next phone that include gold. The following months, we will be
reaching out to the suppliers of these components to provide us with
information on their sourcing of gold. This way, we hope to be able to
have a breakdown of the routes of gold and trace back the mines of

source: fairphone.com (June 2015):

We’ve also tried to use as many recycled materials as possible.


Thanks for your research! :smile:
I updated the original post:

Even if there will not be any fair-trade gold and tungsten in the new FP the addition of recycled materials is a small step in the right direction. And we knew from the beginning that a fairer supply chain could only happen in small steps.

I just realized: Out of Fairphone’s 4 main goals:

  • A fairer, more transparent supply chain
  • Social Impact
  • Openness
  • Logevity

We explicitly wished for 3 of them to improve (and they did). The only wish we didn’t express was a better social impact.
Can I assume that we all wished for that, we just forgot to add it to the list?
How about:

Wish: The percentage of the phone’s cost which goes to worker welfare and other good causes should at least stay the same.
Announcement: We still have to wait for the cost breakdown and compare it to FP1’s. ( :question: )