FP2 - WiFi and FM radio specifications

Hi folks!

I’ve read the specifitcations about the Fairphone 2 provided at http://shop.fairphone.com/fairphone-2-blt.html.
According to that list, it supports the 2,4GHz and the 5GHz band. In contrast to that, the list of IEEE standards (“IEEE 802.11 b/g/n/ac)” says it does not support 802.1a, which is nearly the same as 802.11g except it opperates at 5GHz.
So, can i use the Fairphone 2 with my 5GHz Wifi at home?

The same list has a bullet point named “FM Radio”, but it doesn’t provide any additional information.
Same question here: Will i be able to listen to FM Radio? :smile:

Thanks in advance.


Hi Alex,
I have the FP1 and use the FM-app a lot, it works very well (I use small in ear headset from Sennheiser as antenna when I am running, sometimes I listen to music, sometimes to radio). I guess that will be the same app for the FP2? Hope this helps.

Why you should not? If there is stated “FM Radio” it is basically meant that you can hear it. That there are no more details could be due to just using standard specs for FM reception?!
What’s the point of your question?

With the FP1 I have no problems to listen to normal FM stations in Germany!

I am no expert, but Wikipedia clearly states 802.11 ac can uses the 5GHz band. Furthermore the “n” standard includes the 5GHz as optional, but since it is explicitely stated in the FP2 specs…all should be fine!
And because it is a quite standard component used in the FP2 I am pretty sure you wont have problems with common WiFis (also with 5GHz).

So no confusion at all, right?
Cheers, Robert

No problems for the radio, the fp2 have a FM band radio receptor, which mean you will be able to receive all radios emitting in the FM band,which represents 99% of the world radios…
About the wifi, it’s compatible with Wi-Fi network operating with the wifi protocol, which is,like you said, 802.11, revision b,g,ac, I don’t understand your concerns, if you have a 5ghz network or a 2.4 network (only wifi bands available atm), it will work, why it wouldn’t ?

probably because of being uncertain about it. Lots of pre-smartphone handies did not have radio reception. So better aks one question too many I think that none at all. No need to get so indignant. :innocent:


How exactly does that work with the antenna? Is any headphone an antenna for FM radio or do I need specific headphones? How is the radio signal forwarded to the phone? Through the normal 3.5mm jack?

If you want to know for sure, you can log on to your router and check the wifi settings to see in which mode it is set. 802.11a is quite old, and I’ve rarely come across networks still using it (b/g was always much more popular). If your router is relatively new, then chances are that it is using 802.11n (which can still be at 2.4 Ghz or 5 Ghz), or, if later than, say, 2013, 802.11ac (5 Ghz only). Also, if you get connection speeds higher than 54 Mbit/s, it’s not 802.11a.

As far as I know, all headphones work. Just plug them into the audio jack and you can listen to the radio!


Yep, all headphone should work, signal through the 3.5mm jack!
But I guess there are headphones which work as antenna better and some work not that good.
But here the only chance is to try a specific one!

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yes, the normal jack.
Probably most headphones work, I use this (in-ear): Sennheiser CX 275s
it has very good sound quality (a sound technician friend recommended it), perfect radio reception (even if you just have one plug in one ear) and also can be used as headset because it has a mike, and also the switch can be used to turn music / radio on / off.
It cost me about 38 €, I have used it a lot since Jan 2014 and it is still flawless.
(sorry, the link is in German, but it is on the official site)

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I should explain the reason why I asked:
I already own very nice headphones and don’t want to buy different ones just to enjoy radio…

As long as there is a wire… No problems :grinning:

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My router does not support 802.11ac, but 802.11a. Therefore, i need to know if the chip is capable of that protocol.
If 802.11ac only opperates at 5GHz and includes 802.11.a, the FP2 will talk to my router at 5GHz.
According to the Wikipedia page about 802.11ac, the standard only operates at 5GHz. It is backwards compatible with 802.11a. So, i’m fine.
After all, i’m still confused why they do not put 802.11a in that list…

I asked the question about the FM Radio capability because nearly every item in that list has an additional item on the right hand side. :wink:

Don’t worry, the radio technology is a very simple one and it doesn’t need any special headphones. Actually, it doesn’t require any headphones at all. If you want to have a radio antenna, pretty much any piece of wire will do, as long as it’s long enough and connected to the radio device. So using the headphones as antenna is a very simple and brilliant solution, because it’s a long enough wire and its main task (playing music) won’t get affected.

That said, wireless headphones probably won’t work! :grin:


you could of course put an adapter for two jack sockets in the jack socket, put the thing for the wireless headphone in one and a piece of wire in the other :sunglasses:
The wire version should also do the trick when you want to listen to the radio via loudspeaker, right?

I don’t think that will work to be honest. The problem is that, unlike a ‘normal’ radio, a mobile phone doesn’t have a connection for just a radio antenna. Therefore, you’re connecting your wire via the 3.5 headphone jack. I don’t know how it is with the Fairphone 1, but mobiles usually go into headphone mode automatically if you plug something into the headphone jack. Maybe you can still turn your loudspeaker on, but that depends on your mobile OS. Never tried that, though.

Best solution for that would probably be an external loudspeaker connected by cable. The sound quality is usually quite a bit better than the phone speakers. Alas, it’s all about wireless these days :stuck_out_tongue:

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It does automatically go to headphones mode but since my phone refuses to understand about the plugged-in state, I know that there are apps to override the automation.

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I very much doubt that. Like most other pre-installed apps the FM Radio app on the FP1(U) probably comes from Mediatek and is their proprietary code. The FP2 will definitely not have an app developed by Mediatek.

So will the FM radio work on the FP 2?

Why it wouldn’t work ? The FP2 have a radio receiver, the android app is pre installed on the FP2, you just have to plug your headphones for the antenna, and enjoy :smiley:

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