FP2 - WiFi and FM radio specifications

I have receive my FP2 yesterday :smiley: and I can confirm that FM Radio is working fine.

It automatically detects when the headphone is plugged in.

Before you ask, the app is listed with com.caf.fmradio .


At my home, there is a router which offers both 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz Wi-Fi. My Fairphone 2 prefers using the 5 GHz one.

Well, FM radio works on the Fairphone 2. I use it with my PC headset. Quality differs by position. The best quality will you get when holding the FP2 with an outstretched arm, when the cable is straight. Sometimes does FM radio complain that the headset is not plugged in. Then plug it out and again in.
I can receive FM stations which are up to 115.3 km away, up to 63.5 km with RDS.

Let’s have a look at the FM radio app:

Unfortunately, the FM radio app is in English while my selected language is German.

Which features do you have?

Button to turn the radio on/off

Record Button, will turn red when recording.

RDS PS (name of the radio station, max. 8 characters)

Mute button

Button to switch between headphones and loudspeaker

Mono/Stereo indicator

RDS PTY (Program type, e. g. “Pop Music”, “News”)

Current frequency

Buttons for tuning down/up

RDS Radiotext (max. 64 characters)
This is a best practice example showing song name and singer. On most radio stations you won’t see the song name and singer in the Radiotext. You have to go to their bloaty webpage and waste your data volume to see the song name and singer.
Other uses of the Radiotext is to spread the slogan and/or telephone number of the radio station.

Other tuning possibility

Seven buttons to fast tune to a radio station. Short press will get you to the saved frequency, long press will save your current radio station to the button.

The menu has the following functions:

  • Scan: will delete your channel list and fill the channel list with the channels the app finds
  • Start Recording/Stop recording: will record your radio
  • Settings: will put you to the settings window
  • Sleep: Sleep timer (automatic turn off)
  • All Channels: will put you to the channel list
  • Show Tags: without function

Let’s have a look at the settings window:

Please set “Regional Band” to your area or the radio won’t find all stations. (Changing this setting will delete your channel list.)

And now the channel list:

The channel list can only be filled with the “Scan” menu command which unfortunately deletes the current channel list. So go to a place with good FM radio reception when filling the channel list with “Scan”. The default names will be numbers (“1”, “2”, “3”, …), the names showed there can be customized (long press on the list element, max. 16 characters).

I don’t know if the number of channels is limited. My channel list has 30 channels.

The recorded audio will be in 3gpp data format. Codec is “MPEG AAC Audio (mp4a)”, sampling rate is 48000 Hz.

The FM radio plays onward even when switching to the home screen or another app. You will have a radio icon in the notification bar () and a notice in your pull-down notifications:


Thank you for all your feedback!
I’ve received my phone this weekend. :slight_smile: Yeah, everything is as you told. :slightly_smiling:


The max-volume of the FM-radio is to low - I can hear the radio via loudspeaker only when loudspeaker is near my ear. The FM-signal is good, receiving it in stereo. Is there any way raise the volume?


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I just saw there is a mistake in the FM radio app icon: It shows “90.9 HMz”, not megahertz (MHz).

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