FP2 weak Wi-fi reception

The Wi-fi signal of my FP2 when connected to the internet (different routers and the public eduroam) is always weaker than on similar devices. I guess it’s unfair to compare the FP2 to my laptop due to the latter’s larger antennas, but my friend has a cheap old Acer and even that constantly has a better signal.

I have searched through these forums, but only came up with one post so far relating to this issue: Wifi not working However, I do believe that as the Wi-fi is not actually broken, many users just don’t report the weak connection.

I would like to do two things:

  1. Ask whether anyone else has a similar experience.

  2. In case more users report a comparatively weak Wi-fi signal, ask the Fairphone team to redesign future devices and/or use more powerful Wi-fi chips in order to improve connectivity.


@Hamm325 I believe you have the issue described in the following topic:


Please check it out and if you determine that it’s a different issue PM me to reopen this topic.