FP2 wanted in Italy or Netherlands (or shipping)

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Hello! :smiley:
I would like to buy my first Fairphone. However, the original one is way too expensive for me, therefore I would like to buy it used. My budget is 300-350 euros and I would like a FP in very good conditions and with at least one year of warranty. (Hope I’m not asking for too much :slight_smile: )

  • Fairphone 2
  • Great conditions and max 1 year old
  • Anywhere in Italy (I move often) or in the Netherlands (I have family there that will visit me). Indeed, I’d rather buy the phone in person; however, if you don’t live in either of these locations, I’m willing to receive the FP by post.

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Hello i have Fairphone 2 for 250euros ,but i’m from Lithuania and telephone 3years old but working very good and fast

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