FP2 Update failed Code 7, stuck in TWRP

My two year old FP2 Indigo suggested only days ago to update. I hadn’t done that in awhile so yesterday it seemed like a good idea.

During download/installation the update failed and ever since then the phone has been stuck in the Team Win Recovery Project 3.1.1-0 program. I didn’t pay close attention to what was happening during the installation because I thought little of it, but I believe I noticed it’s possible the phone was updating to version 19.11.2 from a number much lower.

Info TWRP tells me:

  • No OS installed
  • Code 7; Not Enough Space

While attempting little intrusive possible solutions from the Forums, I tried to install the update from the cache, a .zip file I believe, but it failed and the file disappeared.

Restarting the phone by Power Off or Reboot in TWRP doesn’t work and returns itself to the same TRWP.

Am I now stuck in a mission to still update the phone? Instead of this hostage-taking of my phone, can’t I just go back to the previous software version I was running earlier today?
How can I start using my phone again as quickly as possible, before I have to work on Monday? Preferably without losing any data…

Other info:
Phone might be in Android 5 or 7? I had never heard of TWRP until yesterday, didn’t install it myself. Right now I’m fully charging my phone, and making a backup of my micro SD card before I attempt things. I’ve read other people’s similar problems to mine but every case seems different and I’m not sure what is the best way forward for me.

Thanks in advance for your help. I placed my hope on the community because customer support doesn’t work on weekends. I’m NL/ENG speaking, I can read contributions in German and French fairly well too. However I’m not very technically skilled so please communicate clearly. Thank you!!

Have a look at this topic

or here:

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Thanks for your reply Volker.

I’ve started the process of manually installing the OS but I’m currently stuck at the step to get my fairphone recognized by the computer. I’m using the cable I’ve always used to transfer data. Any ideas? Meanwhile I keep browsing the forum… Thanks.

What’s installed on the computer? Windows 10? Linux? …?
In which status is the phone? #dic:fastboot ? #dic:recoverymode ?

Running Windows 8.1, when I attach the phone to the PC it’s in fastboot mode, following the instructions to manually install OS to FP2.

Du könntest versuchen, das flash-for-windows.bat als “Administrator” zu starten.
Es KÖNNTE auch mit den Windows-Treibern zu tun haben. Einen Topic in dieser Richtung findest Du hier (auch wenn er für Windows 10 und das FP3 ist…):

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Thank you very much for those suggestions. I managed to get my phone recognized by installing new drivers for my phone after restarting my PC, and restarting my PC again. This made me able to start the Windows Flash, it took 260 seconds for installation and it finished successfully. I pressed Enter and the phone started its startup procedure, I hadn’t seen that in a while! It took almost 10 minutes for it to start but now it seems like I can use my phone again, it’s slowly continuing the Android update while I can see all my apps and background like normal! I have to wait and see that everything works as it should, but it’s already a huge relief to see things moving. I find it incredibly scary that it takes this much effort to just get back to normal after an update fails.


Probably one of the improved features on FP3: it’s an a/b device so in case an update fails just boot the other slot and it should be ok… :slight_smile: