FP2 Turns off and will not turn on without removing and inserting battery

I have seen many posts regarding FP2s restarting by themselves. I have this problem. Sometimes it will just restart and its especially annoying if I am using my phone to navigate in my car. It happens at random times. Sometimes with days apart sometimes several times a day.

But the most annoying problem and one that I could not find on the forum is that in addition to this, sometimes my phone will shut down, and it is totally impossible to turn it back on. The only solution is to take out the battery, put it back in and then it will work again.

Anyone else have this problem? Any idea what could cause this? Thanks!

Are you sure it’s off? Seems similar to this topic otherwise:

ahhh hmmm dunno how to tell the difference if nothing is working and screen is black? maybe wait and see if it cools down or not?

Anywho, yeah basically sounds like the same problem. Hard to tell. Should i delete this thread and post in that one?

If I recall the content of the other topic correctly, you should be able to hear the phone ring when you call it.

If you want I can merge this topic with that one (saves you the effort of reposting).

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