FP2 totally unresponsive after dead-lock in UBport update

Not sure if this is the correct category…
Running an older UBPort, there was a notification for an update.
That got stuck in a restart.

I could once enter recovery (power off the device and power up again with Volume up pressed to enter recovery) or fastboot and tried an update with Marius Device Tool: https://github.com/MariusQuabeck/magic-device-tool
That all started fine, however at the moment that the real work should have started, the phone couldn’t be detected.
Now the phone does nothing. All I see is a red light when attaching the loader. So it looks pretty dead.
Any idea what I can try?

The red light could mean that your battery is very low.
Leave your phone on a charger and see if you still can charge the battery.
The red light should turn in to yellow and when fully charged into green.

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thanks Lidwien.
Also after full night ‘charging’, it’s still red. So maybe simply blown the battery (or the managing software :\ )

Check out these instructions from the #batteryguide :slight_smile:

Thanks Stefan. Will try!

So the first part of what you describe is what happens with me too. Pushing the power button shows (small) loading ??/100%
Then after hours connected with the loader, still looks pretty dead.
Doing the same steps again (out for >hour, connecting, …) shows a yellow-white light for some time, that disappears. Pushing the power button still shows (small) loading ??/100%
So there is simply a battery/loading problem.

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