FP2: Teardown & Reassemble Competition!

#How quickly can you take apart and put back together your Fairphone 2 (once it arrives)?
I think this kind of competition would help users to get familiar with their new phones, and also help spread the word about Fairphone, as lots of videos of people taking it apart will most likely be shared!

A word of warning: you should practice and be very familiar with this before trying it under timed conditions!

What do you think? Is this a good idea? Is it even feasible? I appreciate your feedback.



  • Start with phone on
  • Perform a task like a call (to show it works)
  • Turn off and wait for screen to go black
  • 1st timer starts once your hands are off
  • Disassemble
  • Hands off (1st timer stops)


  • Hands on (2nd timer starts)
  • Assemble
  • Hands off (2nd timer stops)
  • Turn on phone and perform a task like a call

You can post your quickest times for both assembly and disassembly as a reply alongside a link to a video of the acts (or maybe upload a GIF of it straight to this topic if you can).

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Maybe the FP should perform a particular task after the completion of the re-assembly, e.g. making a phone call – in order to prove it is fully functional again. :slight_smile:


The stucture would probably be:

  • Start with the phone on and turn it off
  • As soon as the screen goes black (hands off phone) the timer starts
  • Once all modules are out on the table and hands are off, the timer stops. This is the disassembly time.


  • Start timer (hands off phone)
  • As soon as you assemble it, turn it on and the screen stops being black, timer stops. This is the assembly time.

(A phone call before and after, not during the timed phase, would be useful too :slight_smile: )

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I think boot times depend strongly on the software used and the amount of apps installed. Thus it would be unfair if you compete with a year old device compared to a new one.

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Good point, however we’re not timing the entire boot… just when the screen turns off at the very end or turns on at the very start - surely that wouldn’t be afftected?

But the screen turning on doesn’t proof that the phone works… :wink: Yeah, I guess that’s proof enough. :slight_smile:

I liked @urs_lesse 's suggestion of making a phone call. We could do that before and after the time trial to prove it works :wink:

I guess the timer stops when the screen turns on, but it still needs to fully boot after that to validate the time.

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How about the timer starts the second you put your hands on the phone again?

@paulakreuzer the second time? Great idea!

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  • phone on

  • perform a task like a call to show it works

  • turn off

  • wait

  • hands off

  • hands on (timer starts)

  • disassemble

  • hands off (timer stops)

  • hands on (2nd timer starts)

  • asseble

  • hands off (2nd timer stops)

  • boot

  • wait

  • perform a task like a call to show it still works


Well I think I’ll lose! I got my FP2 today and am trying to remove the screen since 10 minutes without success. My particular Fairphone doesn’t seem to want to be taken apart.


Did you remove the battery first? I recall seeing a comment mentioning that the battery blocks the display.


I think Paul’s main challenge is the case …

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No, the case is not the problem and yes I did remove the battery.

At first it was very hard to move the two blue clasps to the middle, but when I managed that still I couldn’t get the screen off. Now the clasps move more smoothly, but the screen seems like glued.

@paulakreuzer Don’t worry about losing, any time at all will be a record breaker! Have you tried looking at the iFixit teardown for help with taking it apart?

Yeah, but it doesn’t mention anything I didn’t know. I don’t think I’m doing anything wrong. Joe suggested massaging the phone, … which I did … for an hour … I felt silly doing it … there was no “happy ending”.


it seems that your phone is the “Ugly Duckling” of Fairphones… huh, strange

Maybe it’s not just unteardownable but also indestructable! :wink:


I had the same problem with the display. I stopped trying it because i’ve been affraid of destroying something.

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