FP2 suddenly turns off by itself and then turns on again. Anyone have any solutions?

Hi, does it happen to someone that an FP2 suddenly turns off by itself and then turns on again by itself? I thought it was the fault of the battery and I changed it (I should have done it anyway given the lack of autonomy) but the problem recurs. Anyone have any solutions?
Thank you!

Reboots are unfortunately a quite common FP2 Problem and can have various reasons. Can you add what OS in which Version do you use and if you have an SD card inserted and how this is formatted external or internal? How often does it happen and since when?


… or you may have a look at the #rebootsguide


Hi all,
There is no “rebootsguide” anymore.
I also have this problem since many months.

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There is the guide still, following Volkers link and then open the only topic listed


I also have this issue more frequently recently.
First, I realized it reboots when I have an internet browser (Fennec or Duckduckgo) open and not in use. Work around: always close the browser after use.
Second: Since a µSD card is installed (Sandisk, 32 GB, the second card now) as external memory, I also experience these reboots. I have to use it in order to store my OSM maps. So I have to live with it or would have to load small cards each time I am traveling - too frequently recently.

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