FP2 startand crashes and starts and crashes every 10 seconds

I’m quite new to FP, but I’ve got an issue: I went jogging with my FP2 in my pocket, and since (a week ago!), it begins to boot (FP logo white on black), but after about 10 secs, it crashes, shuts down, and restarts again (without me touching the button"on").
Does anybody have any clue? Seems that FP support is not the moste efficient in the world… Thanks and have a nice day (excuse my poor english).

Does this happen while charging or with the FP just laying there?

If it’s while charging and the LED blinks red, then your battery is deep discharged.

  • Make sure you use a high quality USB data cable, a compatible charger and the battery sits well in the frame (fill eventual gaps with folded paper).
  • Then try the battery reset from the #batteryguide.
  • for reference this would be the issue discussed here.

If it bootloops without being plugged in take off the cover.
Slim covers are known to sometimes cause reboots because of stuck buttons. Switching power and camera button usually solves this. (that would be this topic)

If it’s neither of those two issues check out the first post here.

Hello, thanks for your answer. It happens without any sim card, slim case, and the battery is fine. I can’t even try the safeboot, because it switches off after 10 sec!

So it does not just happen while charging?

right it does happen evn when not charging

Is it always exactly 10 seconds/the same time/the same stage of the boot process this happens at (I’d guess the white on black “Fairphone” screen)?

Even with the cover removed it could be a button issue. Maybe some dirt or moist (sweat) could have entered the phone close to the buttons and caused residue that now sits there and constantly fires the button(s).

I’d try to #disassemble the phone, see if anything looks suspicious and carefully clean it. Also clean all connectors between the modules to rule out connection issues there and put everything back in place making sure it all fits well (or leave the phone disassembled for a while to make sure it’s not moist in there).

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