FP2 spontaneously switching off after update 1.2.8

Hi guys, anyone else having this problem?

Since installing update 1.2.8, my FP2 has randomly switched itself off three times in the past week. Every time I have had plenty of battery (the third time it still had the charger plugged in), and I managed to resolve it by removing and replacing the battery, then I could switch it back on everything seemed normal again.

It’s a shame as this is quite a big problem for me. Would it be advisable to reverse the update perhaps?

I’m not sure if this is a problem with 1.2.8? My FP2 has rebooted twice - once before I updated the OS and once after. Really annoying - and potentially dangerous, as I was using it as a satnav at the time. When it rebooted a message said “Unfortunately the Fairphone launcher has stopped”. Is this what yours did?

Mine didn’t reboot itself, it went dead and when I noticed it had died I had to take the battery out and put it back in, then I could switch it on again and there was still battery remaining. I didn’t get any error messages or anything about the launcher, it just started working again as if nothing had gone wrong. Also really annoying as I missed my alarm one morning, luckily not dangerous for me! A friend asked it could be related to the battery, but personally I didn’t have this problem before the update.

I have had the same problem. It become worse when I started to use the dual sim, and worse still when I took the second sim out.

Sometimes an update brings out issues you didn’t experience before, but this doesn’t necessarily have to do with the OS version, but can also happen if you reinstall the currently running OS.
Therefore I don’t think this should be considered a separate issue to the one(s) reported before.

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