FP2: SIM slot 1 better than 2?


I use two SIM cards in my FP2, the same as before in the FP1 for many years. The primary one in slot 1, the second card only if I would have signal problems or similar (but both using the O2 network).

Recently I replaced the second card with a new one, but again O2 (https://forum.fairphone.com/t/o2-testkarte-fp4-5g/ (my first with a flat rate for 30 days ;-))).

But as so often the signal performance of this “second card in the second slot” is very, very poor, with luck “Edge”…

Now I swapped the cards - and “suddenly” I have LTE speed.

Long story short: are there (such) differences between the two slots or does my FP2 simply have a defective SIM2 slot?


On the Fairphone 2, you can only set one SIM card slot to 4G or 3G, the other one will then be restricted to 2G. It’s a hardware limitation, nothing to do with reception or any technical difference in the SIM slots.

Which is not to say that any particular SIM slot would be unable to develop a malfunction. It’s still possible that one slot works better than the other.

Even though, interestingly, it is more clearly spelled out in a different support article … https://support.fairphone.com/hc/en-us/articles/360018532198

If you set one of the SIM cards as 3G or 4G, you MUST set the other SIM as 2G."


2G in this century? – Okay, I respect it :wink:


from https://support.fairphone.com/hc/en-us/articles/360018532198:

If you set one of the SIM cards as 3G or 4G, you MUST set the other SIM as 2G.

→ do I have to really change the default setting “LTE (preferred”) for my formerly primary card, now in slot 2, to “2G”? – Or “Wurscht”, as you would say in German? :wink:

You can use only 1 SIM at a time for mobile data and you should set this one to 4G and the other one not used for mobile data to 2G


Okay, than NOT the default setting (of /e/ OS).


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