Using only eSIM?


short question (short answer?):
is there a difference of using wether the physical SIM slot or only the eSIM?

And: is this still true for the FP4 or only for FP2?

Thanks a lot!

With your current setup no

normally why not only using eSIM, although I read you want to use both?

I bought the FP1 (not only) because of its DualSIM. And I continued to use two SIMs in the FP2 – now, having a FP4, I thought, it would be no problem, too.

… but the main problem seems to be living without Google …

Thanks for your reply!

Nope, on FP4 it’s one SIM on 5G (or less) and the other on 4G (or less) :slight_smile:


… okay, than the same thing as FP2. Either the physical SIM 5G OR the eSIM.

Good to know!

I don’t think you really understand. What @Alex.A said was that only one of the SIMs (either physical or eSIM) can have active 5G, not both. The second one will be limited to 4G. You can choose the primary SIM in the settings. It doesn’t have to be the physical one.


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