FP2 running Triodos Bank app

On an old FP2 the Triodos Bank app worked fine.
On my new FP2, the bank’s app freezes mid-process when use of the camera is needed - initial security verification. The camera privileges are On for this app.
Other apps on the new phone operate the camera without a problem.
Has anyone else experienced such a problem?

The difference between old and new FP2 might be a different camera model? Not very likely that only this app has problems with one of the models. But you never know…

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Which operating system do you have on this new FP2, the normal Fairphone OS? If yes, please check whether it’s up to date (Android 10, version 22.12.0-rel.0).

Also, please clarify whether you’re talking about Triodos Netherlands or Triodos UK.

(FYI in case you are talking about the Netherlands: I recently had issues with the Rabobank app, and needed to update Android System WebView in the Play Store to fix this. The app is still not entirely behaving, logging in on the computer by scanning a QR code is not working.)

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Hi, thanks your inputs. After coming close to giving up, I discovered that the Location Setting s/w in android 10 needs the ‘wifiScanning’ switch set to On for Triodos Bank app to work through the security settings properly!
… No idea why, but now eventually have a working app that allowed Triodos to approve the security images uploaded by the app!!

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Hi, see my latest reply ~ may help with qrCode scanning!?

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