FP2 replace midframe

is it possible to replace the midframe of the FP2? I dropped my FH2 and the midframe broke. The phone is still working.
Thanks for your help!

What exactly do you mean with the midframe and what did you mean it broke?


You could explain it using the pictures/steps from the iFixit teardown of the phone:

The picture with all the parts is in step 15.
Do I guess right, that it’s the white plastic 2nd from the left (with all the golden threads), that is broken?
If so, I would not know of that part being sold seperately.
What is sold, is the core module, i.e. the white plastic part with all the electronics including the SoC attached to it.

It comes at a hefty price of 339.90 Euros (excluding shipping).

But maybe there is a Fairphone heaven in your area or you can try the marketplace to find someone interested in those elctronic modules you don’t need.


I did not know it really was sold as I just recently was on FPs HP for a spare parts issue and there it is not listed. So I am curious how much win Vireo is actually gaining on this part. I would guess at least 50%.

I don’t think so, as Fairphone once calculated the core-module at 314.00 Euro as you yourself proved here:

And the materials alone - in that old calculation - amounted for 230.30 Euro. Adding manufacturing and assembly (37.20 Euro), shipping and handling (???) to it, you end up with at least 270.00 Euro, based on that outdated calculation.
Should that be true (I would expect slightly higher costs by now) vireo makes about 70 Euro on it, which equals 26%; about half as much, as you guessed.

On the other part I agree.
I don’t remember who posted first, that the core module is for sale on vireo, but it surprised me a lot, as Fairphone does not sell it. If it ever was sold: see the thread of the posting I linked to.

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Don’t forget those figures are for the entire phone, and that you need to add taxes as well. The 2015 cost breakdown had a €23 reseller margin on the entire phone. The price at vireo is €24 higher before taxes than the list price at Fairphone (339.90/1.19 - 314/1.20). So I’d say the upper end of the margin estimate would be €50, if nothing much has changed since 2015.

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Yes, I’m talking about the white plastic - that part broke. Everything else seems to be fine. And one of the little clips on the bottom (you can fix the display module on) is broken too. The display doesn’t apprear to be loose though.

Interesting that this white plastic isn’t available for replacement.
Thanks a lot for your help!

They seem to only sell it as part of a repair job … the Fairphone 2 repair price list and FAQ currently lists the price as 338,40 EUR incl. VAT, 378,05 EUR incl. handling and shipping … and mind the asterisk on the page.


Any chance of glueing it?

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Considering this will most probably need a very strong hence chemical non-environmental friendly adhesive. The phone will be less ecological after this treatment. :worried:

Sure, but also less ecological as if the phone or a new midframe was sent around for repair?


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