FP2 reboots and home screen issues

Are those the only problems with your phone now? Namely, do you have more than 1 line of swipe down menu? Do you have access to screenlock settings, etc?

I am assuming you have A9 now, correct? (I tried installing it and gave up after some 15 attempts, maybe I should follow my own advice & keep trying :D)

My phone is stable now, the problems persist but doesn’t reboot. No SIMs, no SD and erased a bunch of apps (which was probably good anyway)

no, I just named those. but the other problems still exist.

yes, A9 (Fairphone OS 21.10.0), I really was desperate :smiley: but it finally worked.

What are the next steps from here? I figured that the errors occured already for some other FP2 users at some other point in time, what was their solution to the problem? Did someone file a bug report? Which repository would such a issue belong to? I guess it makes sense to go after this error together instead of being frustrated by oneself. :slight_smile:

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As said here several times, the only solution so far, also recommended by the Fairphone support, was a factory reset.


After I deleted a bunch of apps in safe mode the phone was quite stable for the whole day, no rebooting. When I started it again normally it was also stable, but the other problems persisted. I could do some backups, however. Befor going for the factory reset…

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Exactly the same problems here, from Portugal!

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The exact same problems happen to me (in Switzerland) Monday morning at approximately 6am.
Now, the phones reboot much less than Monday. The functionalities on the main screen, the circle and the square at the bottom still don’t work. This is the same for all functionalities that are on the top of the screen. I cannot change the WiFi, battery, screen luminosity…

Android: 7.1.2 Build: 19.11.2

I will try some of the solutions that were shared earlier to see if the phone can be fixed.

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Might a different luncher help in case the circle and the square are no longer there? :thinking:
(still an update and factory reset are probably the only real solution).

I went through the factory reset and it eliminated most of the problems. But I still get a buzz everytime I type on the keyboard. This is a minor annoyance, of course, but it is still strange and I can’t find a way to switch it off.

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This is a setting of the installed keyboard, and it might not care about the general haptic feedback setting of the system.

Where the setting exactly is might differ between Android versions and flavours (and the installed keyboard), here’s an example … Settings - System - Languages & input - Virtual keyboard - (select your keyboard) - Preferences - Vibrate on keypress


Thanks for the help.

That was the default when I got the phone, so I’m assuming that is the factory setting (I switched it off)


It stopped rebooting for me yesterday and I managed to upgrade to A9 (the files are cca 2Gb in size, in case anybody needs that info). Except for rebooting, problems persist. I finished the backup of apps and files, now need to do a backup of settings and will go for a factory reset in the next few days.


Hi, my phone just went 30 hours without automatic reboots as well.

I left my phone on at all times, and because I’ve been busy, I haven’t changed a thing about my phone since Tuesday. I tried nothing to fix it. So I’m very happy it doesn’t reboot anymore. With my phone too, still the home and app buttons, and drawdown menu don’t work. I don’t see any notifications, but I guess I can live with that now that my phone remains on and usable.

Isn’t this the state of the phone that many users reach even after factory resetting anyway?

Hi, as per some upper comments, i made a factory reset, andit solved the problems. the ugly part, is to reinstall and connect with all apps i need.


I’ve been experiencing the same problems as of Monday morning (6dec), reboots, and all the other things that were mentioned. Also still on android 7. After a day or so the rebooting stopped, or was at least less frequent. I tried updating to OS9, but it failed during updating and I had trouble doing the manual install. After have tried several ways to add a driver i managed to get one trough a link shared here (thanks for that). After that it still failed very often (tried it 50 times, both for Android 9 and for Android 7) , but today I managed to get android 7 working again. Still the same issues as before i tried updating. So, next step; back to factory settings…

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I had those problems last spring for a long time. in the end I had to send the whole phone for repairs, it took ages and they sent me back my phone without google so I couldn’t download any apps (and here in Sweden you’re quite dependable on apps for ID, bank, travel a.s.o.) so in the end they sent me a new (most probably used, but updated) FP2. I’d had my phone then for 5 years, bought a new camera, bottom piece three times (and most probably it turned out twice in vain, it hadn’t been screwed on properly, so people couldn’t hear me, wish I’d seen that info on the forum earlier) and in the end the mother card gave up. The battery life sucks big time, bought a new battery (again) last spring, and it’s already running low after a few hours of use, or even just hanging in there. If I’d known that FP4 was coming out I would’ve never bothered to repair the old one (and would’ve saved a lot of hair tearing) and waited for the new one.
I suggest that don’t bother repairing your phone anymore, get a new one. My experience was so frustrating I don’t wish anyone to go through that.

@b.grrrlie I don’t think that your case is really comparable to the current issues happening, or at least there seem to be no need to send it in for repair, as it seems a factory reset will resolve the issues. So just throwing away all those phones just because you had bad experiences is in my eyes def. not needed.


Thanks to everyone who has contributed to this post so far: it’s been somewhat reassuring to discover this isn’t an isolated problem, and it’s really useful to read about different experiences when trying to recover our FP2s’ full functionality.

In my case I’d say that the frequency of reboots decreased during the week, but other issues persist and there seems to be some sort of conflict between wifi and SIM cards (when wifi is on, SIM often aren’t recognised; when wifi is off, SIM cards are recognised but no 4G).

I’ve been backing up files and will face the factory reset over the weekend.

It’s a weird question but I’ll leave it here anyway: does anyone know where text messages (the good old SMS-type text) are stored? On the phone or on SIM cards?

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On the phone, for sure. The SIM card has only limited space.

That was my assumption too - which means I’ll lose those ones, oh well…