FP2 Rear-(Main-)Camera broken

I SOMETIMES can’t use my Rear Camera, Find uploaded the screen-shots.

Do I need just a “Fairphone 2 Kamera-Bundle” or a “Fairphone 2 Kamera-modul”?

Thank you for the help.

See if cleaning the contacts makes any difference.
Have a look at troubleshoot, Camera, Blurry pictures of strange colours

The Fairphone 2 Camera Module is the rear camera.
When you order the Fairphone 2 Camera Bundle you will get a new rear and front camera.

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Well, basically this might be a warranty issue, so you could contact support in order to get a new old camera for free.

Or just look in the unofficial market place, many people give away their old camera modules, sometimes for free, because they upgraded to the new improved rear camera module.

But the new rear cameras are really much better then the old ones, so you might just use the failure to upgrade as well.

If you only want to exchange the rear camera, just buy the module. The bundle also contains a new top module with the improved front camera.

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