FP2 reaches up to 70°C

I had my FP2 replaced in August. Since then its been working mostly great, but it sometimes gets really hot. This happens mostly when performing multiple reboots within a short time (when I’m installing some new xposed modules for example), when I’m watching HD Videos or when I’m playing games which require high performance (Hearthstone).
I downloaded cpu-z a while ago to check the temperature when it overheats and quite often when it did, it reached 65°C+ for a short time. I read the support article on overheating (https://fairphone.zendesk.com/hc/en-us/articles/213228026-My-Fairphone-2-gets-hot) but even if the CPU is known to get pretty hot, I don’t think that these kind of temperature are safe for device or am I wrong?

Does anyone know at which temperature I need to start worrying?


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Don’t worry. I don’t think a) that the engineers forgot to build a temperature regulation inside b) that the temperature gets so high that the phone destructs itself.

Could even be higher! I just did a restore, the CPU temperature rose up to 80°. To much??? May be not just healthy for the CPU.

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