FP2 re-installed itself out of nowhere! Home and square app button don't work anymore

A few minutes ago i used my Fairphone 2 to watch Youtube with a Chromecast on tv when all the sudden it restarted itself. When my FP2 was working again it had re-installed itself and i lost all my storage!! Also it works terrible again as the home and the square (app) button are not working…

Is there anyone who had the same problem and is there any way to solve this?

Jurgen Rotteveel

Do you have a micro SD card in the phone?
If so, at some point you were asked whether the phone should incorporate the card into Internal Storage, or whether the phone should treat the card as external storage.
What did you choose?

In case of the internal option, I think if the SD card in such a setup somehow failed or malfunctioned, it could lead to the problems you describe.

The external option simply leaves the card as an external storage device, which you could safely remove to access the data on it with another device (e.g. other phone, card reader).

If you don’t have a micro SD card in the phone, or use one as external storage, then never mind.


I have seen the home button issue once in real life and there is one user who posted about it in German here 🇩🇪 Systemfehler: keine Benachrichtigungen, Home-Button, Pull-down Menü. In the first case a #dic:reset fixed it, in the second case I didn’t hear back after I suggested a reset.


I do have a micro sd card and used it as internal storage (but the phone most of the times couldn’t find it) .

Hi Paula,

Thanks, i did put the FP2 back to factory settings. It works fine right now! It is also faster then before so i hope it will stay this way


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