FP2 random reboots - see #rebootsguide for help

Have the same issue. Reboots 2-4 times a day, first the screen freezes, after a few second there is a reboot.

Same here. I’ve had my FP2 for 1 week and 2 days and it crashes randomly at least once per day. I haven’t given it much thought, really, but it’d be horrible if I missed my wake-up alarm and was late for work because of that issue.
Hopefully, this can be fixed soon. :frowning:

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OK, next step on my investigation:

1th step: 4G turned on in slot 2: lots of crashes…
2nd step: 4G downgraded to 3G about 1 crash a day…
3rd step: changed sim, so that 4G is in slot one: massiv crashes, so immediatly changed sims back
4th step: back to step 2 as it workes quite ok.


  • my reboots are common as yours; first the screen freezes for seconds, than reboot
  • reboots do not depend on usage, currently mostly overnight…
  • 4G is a big factor!!! Strong reduction if 4G is turned off…
  • decision which sim is used for which slot is a big factor too!

Regards, Ronny

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Hi everybody,
I have my FP2 for more than a month now. Until yesterday I had not experienced any random reboot. However, after having disassembled my phone - only removed the screen - twice yesterday, it has rebooted three times so far. Maybe, this issue is related to disassembling the phone?! Perhaps, the screen’s contacts are not perfectly connected to my phone’s connector. I will disassemble the screen later today and will report if that changes anything.
Has anyone else disassembled his/ her phone prior to experiencing the reboots? Has anyone experienced the issue without ever having disassembled it, i.e., using a straight-from-the-factory FP2?
Note: I disassembled my FP2’s screen many times before. Just want to share my thoughts as this would explain the issue’s occurence under random circumstances.

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Never disassembled mine, it’s a straight-from-the-factory one .

For me the reboots also went down to about one a day after disabling 4G. (Which is still annoying, but bearable.) It doesn’t matter in which slot I put the sim though, it’s pretty much the same.

Mine only crashed once at night, but the alarm still went off in the morning, so that doesn’t seem to be a problem! :slightly_smiling:


Thats a relief, thanks a lot :slight_smile:

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While i don’t know how many devices are concerned, mine just works fine. Only 1 reboot in over 2 months. So apparently not all phones are concerned.

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As long as you don’t encrypt the data partition. If you do, it will need you to enter your encryption password to know that the alarm clock is set.

Same problem over here, got the phone 3 days ago, 3 random reboots (jet not 15 times)…opened a ticket. :hushed:
Had almost given away my old phone, maybe i should keep it till the fairphone is ready as a daily driver.

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Just try first to use a third Party lock screen… There is a known bug in the changing colours oft the lock screen plus the power saving in processor. For me, after doing so, I had the first nicht without a reboot…
It Amy not solve all the causes, but the once wäre it reboots without any user interaction…

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Has this been listed as a bug? I hadn’t seen it anywhere. The overnight reboots are annoying but I’d prefer they fixed the random ones that occur when you are interacting with the phone.

What bug are you talking about? Did I miss something?
Or are you referring to the simple fact that the colors of the lock screen change? This is default behavior and intended, as it shows the stage of battery discharge.

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I remember issues with at least the mood background for very early versions of the operating system of the Fairphone 1. The Fairphone 2 being affected would be news to me.

Anyway: apparently an update is on the way, but Fairphone is looking for tech-savvy volunteers to test the update first. I’m mentioning it here as it specifically looks for people experiencing random reboots. If the description below isn’t warning enough, do realise that things do go wrong in test versions - though if you can explain fastboot and ADB to an 8-year old you will know this anyway.

(Click through to the topic for details on how to apply if interested)


Hi every one
I use waze everyday cause am working on road. Fp2 reboot several times a day. Average every 10 minutes.

I use my fp2 with waze connected to car alim

Its very disturbing …

Am gonna use back m’y old phone if they r is no issues for that. :confused:


Really annoyed with this issue - erratic rebooting makes an expensive phone at best into an annoyance and at worst into an unusable waste of resources. I wouldn’t mind if there was some form of official communication about this, but currently, without this customer care, I’m just left thinking that I’ve been sold an expensive dud by a company that doesn’t care.



I know it is a long thread - so it is easy to oversee, but here’s a statement from FP on the issue:

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Fortunately, my old phone (a half broken Samsung Galaxy S3) used to reboot about as often as my new FP2…

So overall still a big improvement for me (same number of reboots, but it reboots much faster :stuck_out_tongue:)

I’ve very seldom had this reboot issue - till now
Starting today, every time someone trys to call me, the FP2 reboots. This behavior is reproducable. I’m not able to get calls anymore.
Does someone else face this strange behaviour?