FP2 random reboots - see #rebootsguide for help

Hi! Same problem here. Could not find any solution yet. My FP2 is 18 months old which is not that long as well. It really looks like a Software issue and it has been occurring for about 4 months.

Any help from the FP team would be welcome !

Hey, I was instructed to do the factory reset and that worked. Part of the instructions was not to reinstall all the apps immediately after the reset, because some of them likely caused the problem. Likewise, reinstall the apps one by day to see if some of them causes the problem.

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Wow, thank you… I did a factory reset but I reinstalled the apps straight away and I still got the same issue… OK, I can try that and see which app causes the issue. Any clue @Monk about what app it may be for you ?

Hi! Sorry for the slow reply. I have no idea which app it is, it might not even be a particular app for all that I know.

OK, thanks for your reply. The problem has become even more frequent, so I’m starting to think there is a hardware issue like a bad contact at the battery interface or the start button. I think my phone is still under guarantee, I’ll see if I can send it back.

For what it is worth: I did not observe random reboots (ever) when running FPOOS. I switched to FPOS (fresh install) somewhere in Dec 2019. At which point I observed several random reboots per day. Often it would happen when I lay my FP2 down on a table, but it would also happen without any apparent reason. At some point I switched to LineageOS 16 with MindTheGapps, and the random reboots disappeared again. This seems to suggest that this is a software problem. It might suggest that the battery is somewhat weak (it’s the original 2015 battery) and some software module in FPOS causes massive battery draw which in turn could cause the mainboard to reboot (as reboots can often be a sign of CPU power being too low).


My FP2 just came back from a repair center (it is still under gurantee): It was sent because of these multiple random reboots. In the conclusion, it was written that the software was upgraded to the latest version (as i have already done before send it).

But no change, after connecting my google user (mail, calendar, contact), the FP2 continues to reboot randomly.

I have already contacted the support, no answer… the silence…

This phone costed me more than 500 eur and it turns off, at any time, even during conversation calls.

So if you have any kind of process or handling, please share.

H Rakotovoavy

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