FP2 random reboots - see #rebootsguide for help

Il try to tale out the SIM card.

By the way I'll need to use another phone while waiting because is not just anoing...

Why have a phone if I can’t make phone calls.?!

By the way thank you ... I really appreciated your help...

I chose fairphone because I think is a worthed cause.

I am not very happy right now but let’s wait and see…

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Location service?

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Settings/Location -> off

It is off.

Also is it normal that I can’t use the phone wile is plugged on charging?

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It’s been reported more often and seems to depend on the combination of phone+charger (and possibly cable). For some people this got better with the software updates, but it does still occur. For more on that, see this topic:

For the last 24 hrs, my phone has been resetting randomly. It’s now on the 25th reset in this period.

I’ve tried all suggestions above - removing sim card, removing battery, even a full factory wipe.

Having had the phone for less than a week, finding this rather odd.

Any thoughts from other commentators and/or moderators.

I have now tested using the latest FP Open OS and the issue is still frequently present. Guess its hardware related as not everyone seems to have it. As said before, in my case it only happens when screen is on so my conclusion for my specific case is that it’s related to the screen somehow, either in the connection, in the moderboard or the screen itself.

I guess that the only thing left to do now is to file a support ticket and hope that ex. a replacement screen could solve it. I’m not very pleased about the idea of sending the entire phone back to the Netherlands…

I just recieved an answer on my request number 116968, so that is the Number the Support Team is currently at, a Delay of 5 Weeks and 2 Days :slight_smile: they seem to be completely in the Dark about this issue, stating that it’s one of their top priorities and asking me for different ways to try and make it work (4G-> 2G/3G in Settings, flight mode, different operating systems), i wish i could be more involved in fixing the Issue, i think we would have quite a bit of community power here to make the Fairphone 2 work, if we could be helping in the troubleshooting :slight_smile: right now we can only estimate when there will be an answer for all of us :confused: not very helpfull in fixing the issue, i wanna fix this so much, i even bought a multimeter :smiley:

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Just to say after I got in touch with Fairphone support, they wanted my phone back for testing; I received a new FP2 very quickly and then sent mine back. New one is working perfectly, the support was great and I hope having my rebooting-phone back will help solve this problem :slight_smile:


I’ve had problems with random reboots since the first week I had the phone (5 months ago).
Then I discovered that the screen had a bright spot. I tried to take the screen on and off with the only result that the speaker started malfunctioning. I sent the phone in for repair, describing my three issues: random reboots, bright spot on screen and bad speaker.
When I got the phone back the speaker was working correctly, the screen had a bright spot on another place, and I still had problems with random reboots.
Lately I did a hard reset and installed Norton. I also removed many apps like the Nova launcher and Moonshine icon pack.
I still have random reboots but, not as often. Only one to five times per week. I don’t think the random reboots will ever go away. I just accept them as a part of the Fairphone experience.

The worst thing is again the story about the support. I mean the bright spot that moved. I guess you have not been well informed by FP lthough you must have received a repair report. I received also a repaired phone. I guess you updated SW many times but you still have the same display module as before repair and same issues. The FP support cannot be called appropriate when they pretend to repair while returning devices that keep having the same problems.

i effed up and accidentaly broke out the nano sim instead of the micro sim. i fingered everything back together and pushed it in the sim slot.
does the phone crash/force reboot when a sim is loose?

Has anyone noticed any improvement on this issue since the last update?

I have had this reboot issue on my FP2 with OpenOS for some months. After the last update the issue seems to be (almost) solved. Or at least my phone has not rebooted since… :slight_smile:

Am I the lucky one?

I still have the issue. Sometimes it’s just seconds between the reboots… :confused:

I tried to watch some youtube yesterday and it rebooted 6 times in less than 15 minutes. Reboota only happend when screen was on. As soon as I gave up watching the reboots stopped

Before the last update, my FP with OpenOS crashed very often under certain circumstances (heavy Wifi load), and then still spent energy but without displaying anything. Since the last update, it just reboots, so at least I don’t miss the alarm in the morning :slight_smile: So it is at least a bit better than before.
For me it seems that the FP engineers are getting closer to the problem.

Well I just drove to Paris on Saturday from S Wales and then back yesterday, using google maps. The phone (FP2, 1.6.2) crashed after approx 30 minutes, and then usually (but not always) more frequently during the trip. Sometimes it came back up only to crash again within seconds of starting google maps. On each journey I probably had 20-30 crashes (fortunately my car has GPS as well, but no traffic function like Google).

GPS definitely triggers the crash, as my phone will usually crash less frequently when not using google maps.

When walking around Paris using Google maps, the phone usually became very hot, and again crashed about every 20-30 minutes (that;s a guestimate) but OS monitor wasn’t showing anything banging away at the CPU. I am at present suspecting that this is faulty hardware ?

The recent updates have made no difference. As someone else noted, having to put your pin in whilst driving is dangerous! :confounded:

I have now tested the latest Fairphone OS, Fairphone Open OS and Sailfish OS. I have the same issue in all of them so now I strongly believe that it’s hardware related again.

As said before, in my case reboots happens during all kinds of applications: gmaps, browser, games etc. It does only occur when screen is on. If I have apps running with the screen off it never reboots.

Would be nice if you people who have problems with google maps and reboots try to use it with screen off, only listening to the aural instructions. So to get it confirmed that the reboots occured during google maps usage, only happens when the screen is on.

I have been too optimistic. The reboots are still there. However, they happen less often, that’s something already! And I still have the impression that reboots tend to happen more when the phone charge is close to 100%.

For me, random reboots only appeared a few days ago - after switching from 1.5.1 to Open 16.07.1. (1.5.1 was fine, no problems there)
They seem to happen while I’m not using the phone (no heavy apps/no GPS).

I got the same problem than petephillips. Indeed, my faire phone has crashed (reboot) several times, but most of the time it crashes when using waze or google map, therefore GPS system. It crashes quite quickly once I start the application and than once reloaded, it crashes around every 30 minutes. It is also very hot when using a GPS system…