FP2 random reboots - see #rebootsguide for help

I’m impressed by the amount of testing you did, and I would definitely agree that contacting support for filing a warranty case is the next logical step.

I would recommend to add to your support ticket what you have done already, as this may speed up your request.

@freibadschwimmer ; Dear Gerald, thank you for you reply!

@all: despite the fact that I am filing a warranty case. Yesterday I left the phone for what it was at the usb-charger and it gave me a interesting notification. The notification was in the popup/task/notification overview and said: “Storage space is running out”

After clicking this notification it gave me the following information:

So maybe the reason for rebooting is that the “system” is thinking it is running out of space while enough space seems to be available according to the screenshot…

Thanks a lot @freibadschwimmer for the helpful links!

Do I go all the way and completely disassemble it? Any tipps with what to clean the connectors?

Just as an update, here is another updated screenshot of my battery consumption.

The strangest thing in my opinion is the Various consuming alone up to 130%. How is it possible? Is it normal?

Otherwise, I have had a few reboots these days, the strangest being the big one I already mentioned, on February 24th. To be honest I do not recall about the two of the 26th, probably the phone was not on use (or maybe I just have a bad memory).
The last ones (I had two in around 10 minutes) happened one hour ago. I do not know if it helps but during these two I was straggling surfing the internet in a intermittent connection situation (i.e. using data connection on the train in a area with many tunnels).

Is this all situation normal?

For some time now my phone keeps rebooting. I didn’t make any changes to the phone and I could not figured out any specific cause.
The phone often reboots when I put it back on the table after a phone call. But, I often recognized that my phone rebooted in my bag when I take it out and I am aksed to type in the PIN. So it happens without doing anything.This is particulary annoying because people can’t call me.

Does anybody know what the problem is and how it can be solved?


Sounds like your battery is not fitting tightly. There is an easy DIY fix for that:

Thanks for the answer.

If that’s the case, is it a service issue then? Should I send back the phone so that it is getting repaired?



Since it seems like this problem is still not really accepted as a relatively common issue with the FP2, I would like to state that I have it as well.
Actually, I have already got my second FP2 through customer support and I still have several random reboots about every other day. How likely is that?! At least the display issues with my previous FP2 are gone but this is still very annoying.

Does anyone know how I can access the Hiccup statistics if I cannot see anything labeled Hiccup in the Maintenance settings?


Nothing specific to add to this thread except that I’ve experienced the same issue: seemingly random reboots, every day multiple times for over the past 9 months or so.


I am on my 3rd Fairphone now, just got this handset last week and already experiencing random reboots. Will be working my way through the fixes on this thread this weekend to see if these help :slight_smile:

I updated to OS 1.13.0, I hope that the phone will be more stable

I would encourage everyone who has this problem to contact support. Fairphone is very well aware of this problem. It is one of the major problems with the FP2. We want to show off our phones as well working devices so that more people can join the movement for fairer electronics. If fair electronics equals mal functioning electronics, it will be a loosing battle.

I’m now on my third phone and it works really well. I’ve had two phones that I’ve sent in with problems of random reboots. FP2 is not supposed to have random reboots. It is supposed to work with 4G. It is supposed to be stable. We are supposed to be able to recommend Fairphone to everyone without being afraid that they will get a phone that reboots all the time.

Support has gotten faster and better than it was a year ago. And, I hope that the quality control at the factory has gotten better too. I think it is mainly a hardware problem. I run the same apps on the phone that I have now as I did on the two previous phones.


Ah, okay. However, I will probably not return my phone again - that’s too much of a hassle. Hopefully, the next major update will fix this issue, as it apparently has for some people.
My post was mostly inspired by this post: 🇩🇪 Fairphone 2 hängt sich ständig auf! & Akku ist sehr schlecht! Apparently, paulakreuzer measures the impact of this issue based on the post numbers in the forum so that’s why I decided to join the long list of people in this thread.

And I believe you’re right, it is very critical to fix this issue rather sooner than later. At least one person in my social circle and maybe more did not buy a FP2 because of the random reboots with my second FP2. I do not think I’m in a position to faithfully recommend this phone so far. After all, it has already been over one year since this issue was first discovered…

To @Antimailer below: I have an AA processor with several random reboots a day.

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after 1 week it rebooted 1 time today :-/

I had many many reboots with my original phone, and using GPS was guaranteed to make it reboot multiple times during a journey. In the end I sent it back for a replacement and the new phone arrived earlier this year.

The new phone is much better (only had a single reboot on GPS) but I still get random reboots and screen freezes - 2-3 today. Usually they occur when I’m scrolling through a web page, and the page just becomes unresponsive. Sometimes I can, at that stage, switch off and on (using the power button) and I’m back to a responsive phone, but sometimes the power button does nothing and I know it will reboot itself quite soon.

Hiccup says 64 crashes reported.

I can’t see any link to particular types of activity. My CPU ends in AA.


I’m scared of posting this but I’ve just had the longest period without a lock up since owning 2 fairphones. Since I upgraded to M last week, no crashes at all.

Hopefully this has sorted it!

I have a replacement device, since mine has always crashed. According to the support, which the Hiccup logs have read out, it was a hardware defect. Have now got a new device, with current board and already after five days 6 reboots and 5 entries in Hiccup. I do not want to be so slow anymore! :sob:

If you can root your phone, then according to @Antimailer tweaking the CPU settings might help.

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