FP2 owners in Berlin?

Unfortunately, my FP2 does not recharge properly anymore (I already have a new battery) and I
have the optimizing app bug so I cannot access my phone anymore. Is there any
FP2 user in Berlin that could help me with my phone to charge my battery one
more time so I can make a backup and a factory reset (not enough battery live
for this at the moment either) to make sure it is not a software bug, before I
send it in?


Please check the #localcommunities adressbook for the berlin community’s contact info.

About your issue: Have you made sure you have a good quality data (4 threaded) cable and tried the battery reset described in the #batteryguide?

If you ruled out the cable and you meet with a Fairphoner who let’s you take apart their phone you could try to put their bottom module into your phone to see if it’s the USB connector’s fault.
If you contact Fairphone knowing which part is kaputt you’ll probably not need to send in the phone but only receive a new module.

Thank you -
I am pretty sure its neither the cable nor the usb connector as my phone charges until there is some energy in
than it tries to boot -stops charging and dies due to low battery during optimizing apps…
I already tried the battery reset.

When you did the battery reset did you press the power button? If so try again and don’t let the phone (try to) boot but let it charge turned off until the LED turns green.
Some people reported the phone tried to boot on it’s own after the battery reset, but either way what you describe doesn’t rule out USB issues.

My FP2 tries to boot on its own all the time. I used my cables for 6 months without any problems + the phone charges properly until its booting… I will check the another boottom module if I find someone in Berlin…

Depending on how fast you need to get it dealt with … I’m not sure if you noticed that Fairphone will be at the IFA 2016 in early September, see


Meanwhile I have a new bottom module and that solved my problems. Hopefully I will get the money back…

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