FP2 not starting after fall, have new bottom module

Hello all,

Phone took a hard knock about a month ago, and since then it’s been out. Didn’t have the LED when trying to charge. Now I have a new bottom module, constant red LED, though it seems dimmer compared to how it used to be.

This is where my phone’s stuck. I’ve tried removing the battery to do the boot-loop thing but that doesn’t happen.

I’ve tried raising a ticket with Fairphone, and have been asked to provide proof of purchase. What I’ve provided has not been deemed sufficient, even though I did buy my FP2 through a reseller (Phone Co-Op, Scotland, UK). I wanted to ask here, because both official support and Phone Co-op are both quite poor customer service-wise, I’ll keep on, but it seems mostly to be chance as to how much help or advice you receive.

Think my worry is whether my battery is knocked out or whether it’s a problem with the processor. Low on money and patience, so find it quite dispiriting having to sink costs without really having an idea of what the problem is!

Any help would be greatly appreciated, and apologies if the problem has been dealt with elsewhere - I did have a look through, but couldn’t find my problem exactly.


Nearest #fairphoneangels (follow the link for info and contact) to Scotland would be the North England heaven.
Perhaps a swap of the battery and/or other parts can be arranged to find the faulty part(s)?

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I don’t understand why Fairphone would need a proof of purchase when it’s clear it’s not a warranty issue. Since this happened after the phone fell you’d have to pay for repair by Fairphone no matter when and where you bought it.

If the North Englang Angels are too far away for you maybe we could add something like “need help near town XY, Scottland” to the title, so you can find someone else to exchange parts for diagnostics.


Unfortunately I think that you are going to have to accept that motherboard now damaged as here:https://forum.fairphone.com/t/fp2-is-dead-solid-red-notification-led-for-some-minutes/21328
As am in UK could have sent you fully charged battery to try, but think that it would be a waste of effort. As motherboard most expensive component and can only be replaced by Fairphone for €200, suggest you look out for one being sold by existing user once their FP3 arrives if you still want to stay with Fairphone.

I would do so, too. Some people now sell their Fairphone 2 to buy the new one. Just now you can get an old one. I did so and bought a device for 160 € with working battery, working motherboard and wirking Display (with some very little scratches). So I have now some material im stock. The worst thing is to get the new motherboard, so if it’s really broken, then I would try to buy a working, used FP2.

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