FP2 is dead, solid red notification LED for some minutes

I already searched the forum, but I did not found this combination of symtoms.

Suddenly (akku was 80% charged) FP2 did not start.

If I put the charger cable into the FP2, the notification is solid red.
After a couple of minutes, the notification led goes off.
If I pull out the cable and put the cable into FP2 again, the same game starts again.

No other reactions, all still black.

I would repair my fairphone 2 myself, if i would know, what is damaged and if something damaged.

I hope , I can avoid to send the FP2 tofairphone for repairing.

Can you still boot into recovery or fastboot mode?

Recovery mode:

Hold the volume up button and the power button simultaneously until the Fairphone logo appears (up to five seconds)

Fastboot mode:

Power off the device and take the battery out;
Boot the Fairphone 2 into the bootloader (also called fastboot mode) by holding the volume down button and the power button simultaneously and putting the battery back in the device

There’s no need to take out the battery for fastboot mode.

The only difference to start fastboot vs. recovery is vol. down vs. up.

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Can you still boot into recovery or fastboot mode?


the behaviour is the same. With or without battery, try to boot in recovery or fastbootmode.

Red solid LED light for a couple of minutes before it vanished.

Have you tried a battery reset?

Or a different charger?


sure. battery reset multiple times and different charger.

I ordered now a new battery and a new bottom module with the optimistic belief,
that the mainboard is not damaged.

I receive the new battery and bottom module.

Changing the battery --> no effect.

Changing the bottom module --> same behaviour, but sometime it makes some noises like brzzzzz.
and the area above the battery will be warm / hot (under the "you are one of 17418).

I try a battery reset --> LED solid red, activating after 2 minutes… Phone makes brzz. and red light goes down.

If anybody has an idea.? anyone ??

I have the same issue, did you come up with a solution? I’d like to hear it if you did.

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Same issue here.

How did it happen?

  1. “Updating Android Apps 1 of 180” shown and went up to 180
  2. Fairphone locked
  3. Unlock did not work
  4. After reboot: Fairphone 2 came up, PIN entry OK, could be used
  5. Locked Fairphone 2
  6. Display black (as expected)
  7. power button
  8. No unlock possible: screen did not react

Afterwards, I rebootet multiple times. The battery finally shows 1%, then 0%, then it went off - even connected to the laptop USB.

For the googlers: “Fairphone 2 rote led ständig an”, “Fairphone 2 red led on, display black, no reaction”

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