FP2 not charging

I’ve had my FP2 for about 9 months. Today it ran out of battery remarkably fast - like by lunchtime when I had hardly used it. When I recharged it later, it continuously froze and would randomly turn off and on. I took the battery out for several hours to let it cool down, but now I’ve plugged it into a charger and it keeps vibrating and showing the Fairphone black and white screen, before going black and then repeating the cycle 30seconds later. I’ve tried two different chargers.

What should I do?

After you plugged it into the charger, did you turn it on as well or did it turn on by itself?

If you did, you could give the Battery Reset FP2 a try (without turning it on before it’s completed). Please make sure that the battery has run all dry before you do the battery reset.

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It started to turn on by itself, I didn’t ask it to. If I plug it into the charger without the battery in it does the same thing

Well, I’m not the biggest FP 2 expert, but one thing you should check is whether the power button is blocked (permanently in). Does it automatically turn on as well if you have the back cover removed?

It does automatically turn on when the cover is removed. The power button isn’t blocked :S

To be sure, is this what you’re seeing:


It seems (as I don’t recall the user who posted the video ever telling us how it ended) that they were/are replacing phones that show this issue - though I’ve also heard of cases where modules were replaced. To arrange warranty replacements/repair you’ll need to contact Fairphone support.


Sounds a bit sad as it is a 100% failure issue. Sometimes though there is no other way than to start completely from the beginning.

Thank you so much for your help! I’ve contacted Fairphone support, so hopefully will get sorted soon!

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