FP2 no notification, Factory reset?

Hi Fairphone users!

I am FP2 user for 1.5 year, although I am big advocate of the concept, I am currently quite frustrated:
I am having the exact same problem as described here:

Unfortunately no one posted the solution… Can anyone help?

As a summary, following an update, my FP2 is not functioning properly:

  • NO notification whatsoever, miscalls, messages, notifications from Whatsapp, twitter etc, I have to open every single app to check what’s going on.
  • notificatio drawer (swapping down) not functional
  • "home” button and “overview” button don’t respond (meaning that the screen senses the touch but nothing happens). To exit an app, selecting the “back” button multiple times is the only way.

Of course I’ve checked the notification settings, all is looking fine there.

Do I have to do a factory reset? What should I check before doing that I am concerned to loose info… I know contacts and pictures are backedup with gmail account. What else should I check?

Thanks a lot if you can read and help :slight_smile: !

This is usually a clear indication for that you need to redo the update, but to make sure, you need to install it manually:

Please also check how full your storage (Settings > Storage) is.

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Dear @urs_lesse,

Thank you so much for your reply and taking time to direct me to the manual update page. I just did the whole procedure, it went smoothly and I was getting optimistic but unfortunately, at the end after the final reboot, nothing has changed :sob:

I have checked the storage, I still have 10 Go free.

Do you have any other hint before I try to the factory reset (is there also a procedure?) ?

Thank you !!!

I am afraid the factory reset will be necessary then :frowning:

Note that the instructions for Android 5 and 6 should also apply to your version of Android 7 now (there should now be no TWRP on your FP2 anymore). So disregard step 5 and apply the previous steps instead.


Thanks @urs_lesse, I did the Factory reset, EVERYTHING is back to normal :relieved:
I probably messed with some part of the back up as I could not retrieve properly all contacts, but this is minor damage :wink: and everything else, pictures, message history is there…


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