FP2 no longer available


My phone was stolen just some days ago :disappointed:

I was yesterday wondering whether to buy the FP2 or not and it was available in the website and marked for delivery before the 31st of October. I checked right now to finally go buy it and it’s no longer possible, it says it’s “temporarily unavailable”, but I’m afraid it might be out of stock for a long time now.

Does anybody have any info regarding this? Will FP2 be available again soon?

For next time, I think it would be very nice to show the DL for pre-ordering so that situations like this could be avoided.

There are other options besides buying it from Fairphone directly.

Vireo.de for instance is often mentioned here, and just now they say …

“Die Auslieferung kann bei Bestellung und sofortiger Bezahlung ab 3./4. Oktober erfolgen.”
(In case you order now and pay immediately, shipping can be done as soon as October 03/04.)

“We do ship within the EU, please contact our support.”


And Memolife (Germany, shipping to EU) has the phone in stock as it seems.
Status: available (for all colours)
Delivery time: 1 to 2 days.



Thank you @BertG and @AnotherElk for the ideas! They were really helpful. In the end I ordered from Memolife with the help of Google Translator and I’m now waiting for the package to arrive. I’ll be back to let you know when it arrives!

Thank you again

My Fairphone arrived on the 02/10 very quickly, thank you again for the suggestions in this Furum!


Great! Wish you lots of fun!!! :grin: