FP2 new USB-C bottom module new batch [SORRY, ordering closed]

Here I am again, and I finally have some updates. I always wanted to wait with the updates, but now I feel like sharing my progress.

I have cooperated with the user on the forum to solder the PCBs, here are some images of the PCBs made by him:

The PCBs are made in germany and I only chose high quality components.

I have also printed all the housings for the modules, I just need to assemble them:

I am still printing the cases, PETG is challenging to print sometimes, but so much stronger, maybe I’ll post if I have something to show off.

Seeing those huge quantities of parts is pretty surreal and impressive for me, it is something that I never thought I would be able to do this almost 3 years ago (Jan. 2019) when I sat in my room with a simple multimeter, figuring out how the bottom modules worked and what made them break so often.

No, you can no longer order, everything is already bought for a fixed quantity.