FP2 loss of function of app and home button as well as swipe down top pannel


I have an issue, I have my fairphone for almost three years and today it strated to cat weirdly. I cannot use the home and app button (the circle and square in the lower part of the screen). They react when I tap them but nothing is happening.
I was thinking to factory reset it but I cannot connect through usb because the upper wipe pannel where usually I can set USB for file transfer does not appear anymore.

I am bit worry, does anyone got something similar? Could it be a virus?

Cheers for the help



You’re not alone, I have the same issue since two days (begun on Mar 25)
Have you find a solution or a workaround?

Circle and square buttons react but they have no effet.
Once an app is started, the only way to come back to the “desktop” is to use the return button (triangle) a lot of time.
Impossible to connect with usb cable to a computer as the notification to set the usb connection does not appear in the swipe down pannel.
When I swipe the upper panel, I can only have the “little” upper panel (first swipe down), the “large” upper panel does not show when I swipe down twice.
The little upper panel alway says than there no notification, even if the phone has just rung (received a SMS).
So when I hear the notification sound, i have to check the different possible apps (sms, whatsapp, …)

The backup dont work anymore: in the settings page, the last time of backup is in the afternoon before the problem begun.
And it seems that I can not install a new app from the market (the app stay in “waiting for download” forever)

I tried to reboot in safe mode, but it has no effect.

I’m afraid i will have to make a factory reset and lose some data

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I am sorry you had the same problem and happy not be alone there :grin:
It seems we have very similar issues and unfortunately I did not manage to solve it. I had to format the phone to factory settings. I saved as many data as I could on my SD card as I did not want to use Google backup. Maybe it could be a solution for you.
Since I format the phone it is working like a charm, I am not an expert but my wild guess would be that:

  • The internal memory of the phone was almost full and maybe some updates on some apps partly failed causing some issues leading to these malfunctions.
  • I got a virus on the phone

I hope you will find a better solution than erasing everything. My suggestion is that now I have everything backed up will be to make an image of the everything on the phone and keep it as a backup on my computer.

Best of luck!

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Having exactly the same issue. No, we’re not alone, there’s even an entry in the bugtracker:


This also suggests that a factory reset was necessary to fix it. Shame, I was hoping to avoid that!

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