FP2 + LOS 18.1: Which root and backup do you recommend?

recently I succeeded in upgrading my FP2 from LOS 17.1 to 18.1. After a complete new installation with LOS-recovery.
Before I used TWRP-recovery and Magisk-root. Now I’m wondering, which backup tool I should use, since LOS-recovery doesn’t offer backup and restore capabilities.
Further I would like to use some apps requiring root. So which way of rooting do you recommend today?
Thank you all in advance for you’re recommendations!
Best peace

I think rooting with Magisk is still the way to go (never heard oft another solution). For backup you could try Titanium.


Hi Yvmuell,
thank you for this advice. I’ll try this over x-mas.
So merry x-mas!
Best peace

Why shouldn’t you use TWRP? LOS doesn’t support the installation of the OS through LOS recovery, but backup and restore of data should still work AFAIK.
So if you need to restore, reinstall LOS with the LOS recovery, boot into TWRP (#twrpwoflashing), restore your data and that should be it.

Thats no longer a save recommendation in my eyes. I could not restore my backup using TWRP. I did not try it the way describwd by Oli, so first backup restore and after that LOS install

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It doesn’t work for me on LOS 17.1 either :wink: I usually install LOS then restore the backup (but only data and boot, not system), and it works.

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LOS 18.1 is no longer supporting TWRP, so that might be a reason. I personally would no longer rely on TWRP backups

I thought about using TWRP as well, and tried the “dirty” upgrade as well. But I didn’t succeed, I ended up always in a loop of unlocking the screen.

Later I did (…) an OTA update of 18.1 with TWRP and it failed.

That means for me, that it is not really convenient to make backups (using the fastboot flash). And restores neither, nor they are safe. So I’m looking for an alternative.

The titanium-backup, is it available in a non google store?

Best peace

here comes my report, I did the following:

  • Installing Magisk - this was no problem, root achieved.
  • Upgrading LOS 18.1 with LOS Recovery (OAU) - and lost root. Question: is the file boot.img always the same, so no danger to just reinstall Magisk with always the same prepared boot.img? Or do I have to prepare after each upgrade the boot.img from LOS-installer.zip again?
  • Titanium Backup: I didn’t find it beside in Google Playstore, which I didn’t use. So I installed Alpha Backup, but this is “only” an app backup. Could be it works, I cannot prove it right now.

Actually the solutions are not that satisfying and easy than with LOS17,1 and TWRP,
I’m open for new suggestions - but could live with that.
Best peace

As I dont use Magisk I’m no help with this, but reg Titanium back-up: you can download the Aurora store from F-Droid, that gives you full access to all Apps in Playstore


I do have quite good experience with TiBu (i have the pro version), even though I’m not any longer relying on it too much. You should keep in mind that appa may refuse to be backed up. TiBu might ignore that, but the app won’t work (correctly) afterwards. If you’re having Google aboard, you also can back up via Google, which now is encrypted, but same status, not all apps can be backed up (e.g. covid exposure events). As most of my vital apps don’t need much local data (I’m using my own nextcloud instance) reconfiguring apps is more of a nuisance than a loss.

IMPORTANT: none of these solutions back up internal data(i.e photos and so on), that has to be backed up seperately!

Otherwise App Manager on F-Droid, which has soooo many features for dealing with all your installed apps, also offers local manual app backups that seem to work quite well for me (root required of course). But that’s just the same type as Alpha Backup or Titanium Baclup.

Unfortunately, for global system backups I fear it’s hard to find an equivalent to TWRP…

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Dear guys,
these were good hints for coming along with LOS18.1, thank you all a lot!
I’ll upgrade just once a month and go for rerooting every time. It is viable.
In the end there were more solutions, than just the one indicated!

I like the App Manager, good tool! And now I succeeded as well checking Titanium Backup, which is rather good as well with scheduled backups.
So I think, if restore will be no problem like Iklaus fears, this is a good solution. And in the end: I do not have to much data on the phone, my life doesn’t depend on it. :smiley:

Have a happy new year!
Best peace.


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