FP2 GSM issues / Network drop out


I wanted to share my debug (and resolution) on a case that made me almost lose my mind.
After a quite strong impact on my FP2 (I had to change my screen), I had network connection issues and GSM network drop in location where I had no issues before. However, I could sometime have get some network connectivity when I was outside, but almost no luck when I was inside (in building, restaurants, flat).

My fix was the following :

  1. after removing the screen, I had to put the left side cable that goes toward left of the mic module straight in the space for that (it was a bit sideways), and pushed the cable back in the long board from the backside,
  2. after removing the mic module, I had to remove the 2 T5 screws on it’s left side, and noticed that the cable was unplugged from that module on the back. After reconnecting and rebuilding the phone, the phone connected to the network like in the past.

My post-resolve diagnostic is the following : the first impact (that also bent the screen) unplugged the connector, or did put it in a non-reliable situation. It was partially working depending if the contact was done by " luck " or simply gravity depending on the position (face up or down, etc).

Hope it helps !

Will / PorCus


Brilliant find :+1: .
There’s a second connection like this behind the metal shielding (the one with the earphone and camera icons on it) just above the battery compartment, so users suffering from the same issue might want to check there, too.

(I checked because my indoor reception regressed noticeably primarily at home some time ago, but those connections look and feel alright in my phone … so I’m left with blaming Android as usual :slight_smile: … or some newly erected buildings in the vicinity.)


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