No telephone signal at home outside weak, both sim cards not connected in diagnostics?

hello people,

since a few weeks the telephone signal strength is very low or zero at home and outside only one of both cards shows any signal if at all.

I just looked in settings under hardware diagnostics and there it says that both sim cards are not connected?? But I can still receive calls although maybe not all, I cannot know that.

I’m confused what does all of this mean? This started suddenly without anything having happened and it was before the update to android 7.1…2

Help! Thanks Wilfrid

Have you attempted to clean it, as mentioned in this guide?


Hi, thanks for answering and for your suggestion. I tried it out immediately and also cleaned the sim cards and their contacts inside the phone. It is has not helped at all unfortunately. I’ve tried swapping the sim cards and inserting only one but all of this has not helped.

I looked at the little antenna cable inside the phone but could not detect anything wrong with it. It looks kind of fragile so I did not pull it to see whether it was loose, I could try again, it’s the only thing I can think of to do.

I found out that the little signal triangle symbol can also be slightly filled in light grey which means there is a weak signal and I can call but it disappears quickly too. And it is just one of both cards that does this when I’m inside.

Well, if anyone knows any other possible remedy, I would be grateful.

bye, Wilfrid

I think you’re right and it may be the antenna. If you want to dive deeper into that topic you can have a look at


Another possibility:
Depending on where you are located, perhaps somebody could help you with checking the antenna …: #fairphoneangels



OK so I opened up the phone once more and had a peep at the antenna connection under the metal shielding plate that you can partly open by lifting up the little flap that secures it. That connection seemed OK. In some message I did read that it can look right but still not be fixed properly… But my connection only disappears behind my desk and is better in other places in the house .

ANyway I then cleaned the tiny contacts on the antenna cable that join it to whatever it is on the other module. This might have helped, but as the reception varies so much it remains hard to tell. All in all I have learned quite a lot about the phone and the sim cards.

Oh and, some where in settings you can follow signal strength expressed in - dB. Bad reception scores like -115dB and good reception - 95 dB, at least thats what it looks like so far.
I checked this with my sons telephone which scored similar results.

Is anyone out there familiar with these values?

ANd thanks everybody! To be honest, I have had nothing but problems with the phone since I bought it in 2015 and am used to it not working properly. Most modules have been exchanged and I am happy everytime it works…

Cheers, Wilfrid

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